Institutionen för konst

light colored artwork presenting exposures of a middle-aged body

Institutionen för konst

Institutionen för konst utbildar och förbereder yrkesverksamma inom fältet för konstutbildning, visuell kultur, kuratering och nutida konst. Institutionen är internationellt uppmärksammad för sina högkvalitativa konstnärliga och konstpedagogiska aktiviteter, stipendier och forskning.

Degree Programmes

A drawing machine and a messy drawing

Art Education Degree Programmes: Bachelor's & Master's programmes

Art Education Degree Programmes : Bachelor's & Master's programmes

Department of Art
A person behind red mask made of yarn.

Master's Programme in Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA)

NoVA is a two-year masters programme that educates professionals and researchers of the best Nordic practices and traditions in art education and visual communication.

Department of Art
Detail of an artwork. Blue surface with blurry text.

Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA)

Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) är ett tvåårigt magisterprogram vid Aalto-universitetets högskola för konst, design och arkitektur i Finland.

Institutionen för konst
Doctoral studies at the Department of Art

Doktorandstudier vid institutionen för konst

Doktorandstudier vid institutionen för konst fokuserar på forskning genom yrkesutövning inom nutida konst, fenomen inom den visuella konsten samt forskning om konstutbildning och kuratering.

Institutionen för konst

Forskning och konstnärliga aktiviteter på institutionen för konst

Forskningen och de konstnärliga aktiviteterna vid institutionen för konst sker inom områdena nutida konst, konstutbildning, visuell kultur samt kuratering. Det finns en lång tradition av konstnärlig och filosofisk produktion vid institutionen, och många forskares arbete lägger vikten på nutida, kritiska, politiska och samhälleliga förvecklingar av konst, kuratering samt pedagogik.

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Research at the Department of Art

Faculty, Staff, Students & Alumni News

Anniina Suominen, an Associate Professor of Art Pedagogy at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She is standing in front of the camera, smiling, arms crossed. In the background there is a stack of logs.

Want to change the world? Call in the art educators!

Art educators can equip people to challenge the status quo and demand change. The secret lies in love, hope, empathy and community — plus art.

A photograph of Max Ryynänen, a Senior Lecturer on the Theory of Visual Culture at Aalto University’s Department of Art.

Easy Riders and American Beauties: playing around with middle-class identity

Popular culture serves as a tool for shifting towards more flexible identities.

Art as We Don't Know It kansi

Art as We Don’t Know It invites readers into the fascinating world of bioart

Art as We Don’t Know It presents a richly illustrated selection of artworks and bioart research.



Purple-tone poster with details of the speaker(s) for the upcoming ViCCA Thesis presentation day on Thursday 18 March 2021

MA ViCCA Thesis Presentations Spring 18 March 2021

The first presentation of 2021 from MA ViCCA graduating students will take place on Thursday 18 March.

Laser Talks Helsinki Espoo Aalto University

LASER Talks: Adaptation and Bodies in Context

In what ways are we (humans) as a species able to adapt to the changes in our habitat and environment? And what does that imply?

a grid photo of steel and glass elements in beige

peripheries in parallax: BRAVE NEW PERIPHERIES

The event is a series of four 1-day online Conferences mapping out the implications and alliances of ‘peripheries’ and ‘peripheral approaches’ through art, artistic research and related fields in society.

7th Art of Research Conference

Art of Research Conference VII: Authorship and Responsibility

Art of Research Conference: Authorship and Responsibility, Aalto University, Dec. 3-4 2020

Aalto Sustainability Talks - Quality education for sustainable development

Quality education for sustainable development

This session of Aalto Sustainability Talks discusses education's role on sustainability and sustainable development through quality lenses.

detail of an acrylic painting. Pastel colors of yellow, pink, violet and a little brown. On the upper left corner there is possibly an animal feet drawn with charcoal.

Longing distance art exhibition @ Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki

Spring exhibition of advanced studies in painting. (Aalto university School of arts, design and architecture)


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