Department of Art Research Assemblage November 2021

Next Research Assemblage session will be on the 4th of November at 13:15-15:00 in Zoom. In Research Assemblage one researching faculty member and one doctoral student present their ongoing, or recent research. Everyone is welcome!
Vladimir Tatlin, Nursing Vessel (1929).

Research Assemblage Presenters

Lucy Davis 

Like Shadows Through Leaves 

Story Ecologies in Migrant Ecologies Methods

(The Migrant Ecologies Project) 

The Migrant Ecologies Project was founded in 2009 by artist, art writer and educator Lucy Davis as an umbrella for collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiries into questions of art ecology and more than human connections, primarily but not exclusively in Southeast Asia. In 2021, Like Shadows Through Leaves, a short film ode to a patch of urban wild at Tanglin Halt, Singapore, was released by The Migrant Ecologies Project.

Rebecca Close 

Surfaces, Gestures, Inscriptions. 

An Artistic Research, STS and Queer Marxist approach to the study of Reproductive Politics.

"This talk brings together Artistic Research, Science and Technology Studies and Queer Marxism to examine the gestural nature of reproductive politics. It argues for an expansive understanding of the gesture that extends well beyond the domain of the embodied gesture to include different registers and materialities of scientific text. Broadly, I explore reproductive politics not only as a question of reproductive health –of access and choice– but as the daily negotiation of the body’s value and legibility across communication, labor and political fields."

    Rebecca Close, Networks of Care and Critique (2019).

    Rebecca Close, Networks of Care and Critique (2019)

    Like Shadows Through Leaves, The Migrant Ecologies Project (2021)

    Like Shadows Through Leaves New Short Film (2021), by The Migrant Ecologies Project

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