Department of Art Research Assemblage September 2021

This Thursday, September 30th, at 13:15 – 15:00 (Finland) we will have the first Research Assemblage session in this academic year. In Research Assemblage one researching faculty member and one doctoral student present their ongoing, or recent research. Everyone is welcome!
 Post-Digital, Post-Internet Art and Education The Future is All-Over
Book cover of Post-Digital, Post-Internet Art and Education The Future is All-Over

This Thursday, September 30th, Kevin Tavin and Grégoire Rousseau will give a talk based on the research and practice published in the open access book:
Post-Digital, Post-Internet Art and Education: The future is all over

Within the last decade, ‘post-digital’ and ‘post-internet’ have become signifiers attached to artworks, artists, exhibitions, and education practices that deal with the relationship between online and offline, digital and non-digital, as well as material and immaterial. The Internet, and the term digital, of course, does not simply only mean what things we carry around with us – such as a smartphone in our pocket – but all of its practices, and perhaps the endless entertainment and entanglements, between objects, humans, algorithms and other non-human actors. And, it is not only the practices of the different digital technologies connected with the internet that are constantly changing, but also the individuals and groups (and objects) that practice with them. The same device, for example, and even the same apps can be, and is, used very differently by different people as actors and non-human actors, and its use is also bound to peer groups. In the end, it is no longer a question of getting somewhere on the Internet or through the 'digital age', but of navigating with and through it, and it navigating us.

Kevin Tavin in his presentation, will first provide an overview of the concepts of, ‘post-digital’ and ‘post-internet’ and the co-edited book. Then Grégoire Rousseau will discuss his co-written chapter with Nora Sternfeld, former professor in the department of art, and currently professor of art education at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg.

The event is free and requires no pre-registration. Welcome!

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