Department of Art

Department of Art

The Department of Art educates and prepares professionals in the fields of art education, visual culture, curating, and contemporary art. The department is recognized internationally for high-quality artistic and art pedagogical activities,  scholarship, and research.


Photo: Railtrack Songmaps, 2018, Lucy Davis

The art piece Railtrack Songmaps by Lucy Davis, a hanging mobile, is exhibited

About us

The department has three study programs that are taught by leading scholars and practioncers in their field. The programs focus on the combinaton of theory and practice—praxis— and transdisciplinary artistic and arts-based research.

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Study options

The Department offers degrees in Art Education, Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA), Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA). Find out the dates and application procedure for each programme from the study option specific page.

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Research and artistic activities at the Department of Art

The research and artistic activities of Department of Art takes place in the fields of contemporary art, art education, visual culture, and curating. The department has a long tradition with artistic and philosophical production and many researchers’ work emphasises contemporary, critical, political and societal entanglements of art, curating, and pedagogy.

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Research at the Department of Art

Doctoral studies at the Department of Art

Doctoral studies through the Department of Art focus on research through contemporary art practices, visual culture phenomena and research in art education and curating.

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Doctoral studies at the Department of Art

Past conferences

Department of Art has hosted many conferences such as The European regional InSEA Congress. Read more on our conferences listing page.

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News from the Department of Art and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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Honoured, Research & Art Published:

The Kone Foundation awarded grants for academic researchers and artists

Bigger grants awarded to the researchers and artists at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture enable longer-term work than earlier.

Math & Arts
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Aalto Math & Arts in Shanghai Future Lab exhibition

The interdisciplinary Math & Arts program, with its underlying course Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors, is introduced to the visitors of the Shanghai Future Lab exhibition.
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Research & Art Published:

Creativity Unfolded — a new blog series

Aalto is home to creative minds and we want audiences also outside our community to get inspired by our amazing and innovative work!
U-Create teaching symposium's live illustration about producing collective knowledge by Apila Pepita Miettinen
Research & Art Published:

Courage and creativity in higher education—how could we teach that?

Answering the complex, dynamic and networked problems we face today means rethinking our traditional ways of working and building knowledge, according to a recent symposium on teaching arts and design at Aalto University.


Events from the Department of Art and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture is one of the most prestigious universities in its fields. We educate our students to create imaginative, collaborative, compassionate and unconventional approaches to the most pressing challenges of today.

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Students riding bikes in front of the Aalto University Väre building, photo by Unto Rautio
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