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ICT and digitalisation

We represent 25–35% of the scientific publications and university education in the field of ICT and digitalization in Finland.

This forms the foundation for our spearhead in Finland’s drive towards digitizing many aspects of society – from new consumer services to media, entertainment, education, health care, retail, and several areas of industry.

ICT and digitalization research relates to both theory and practice, computational and mathematical sciences, software and hardware technologies, secure communications, digital media, digital services, and digital engineering and management across technologies and industrial sectors.

This combination provides an excellent launch pad for interdisciplinary innovations. For instance, digitalization and social media are topics which may only be profoundly understood via multidisciplinary viewpoints combining arts, business, science and technology.

Departments in this area

PML Research Group in Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science provides world-class research and education in modern computer science to foster future science and society.


Department of Communications and Networking

The Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet), is the largest unit in Finland in its research area.


Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

The Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics combines competence in different areas of research fields varying from ICT technology to core electrical engineering and its basic phenomena.

Mathematics and Systems Analysis research

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Our main research areas are algebra and discrete mathematics, analysis, applied mathematics and mechanics, stochastics and statistics, and systems analysis and operations research.

Aalto Digi Platform

Aalto Digi Platform brings together our researchers and external parties for multidisciplinary collaboration in the area of ICT and digitalisation.

Aalto X Reality Demo by Matti Ahlgren

Aalto Digi Platform

Aalto Digi Platform initiates and increases cooperation in the field of digital technologies both inside Aalto and with its industrial and academic partners. Digitalization transforms today's and tomorrow's industries, economics and society, in all walks of life. It shapes innovation landscape and facilitates economic growth.