Aalto Factory of the Future

Aalto Factory of the Future

The Aalto Factory of the Future is a facility for innovation and education of future industrial automation, industry 4.0 and beyond. It is a space shared by humans, robots and production stations, which serves as a platform for projects in the area of advanced information technologies applied to future production systems. It focuses on achieving revolutionary high flexibility by exploiting the architecture of modular autonomous intelligent production units.

We are interested in enabling technologies for production systems that include: Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 architecture, Industrial Internet of Things, wireless communication (5G, Wifi6), edge/fog/cloud computing paradigms, virtual integration, digital twins, remote commissioning, operation and predictive maintenance, human-robot collaboration, simulation, virtual and augmented reality. We invite companies and other stakeholders to collaborate with us!

Aalto factory of the Future
Conveyor belt and mobile robot

Research Focus

From a research and innovation perspective the main capability of the Aalto Factory of the Future is focused on software architecture for industrial automation. We are particularly working on integrating flexible concepts for software deployment and reconfiguration with IIoT, digital twins and recent trends in IT-technology.

YuMI with blocks

Collaboration Possibilities

Research and innovation work on software concepts shall be primarily supported by

  • Collaborative Innovation Projects such as Business Finland and European Union projects (e.g., EIT Manufacturing, Reboot IoT Factory)
  • Student work (Master, PhD students)

Contact us for collaboration possibilities: [email protected]

Our Industrial, Research, and Educational Projects

Aalto Factory of the Future has been involved in various European and national projects:

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Aalto University joins Reboot IoT Factory to reform industry with digital solutions – aiming at an impact of EUR 1 billion

Aalto Industrial Internet Campus has been invited to participate in the second phase of Reboot IoT Factory ecosystem that develops digital solutions for the Finnish manufacturing industry.

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Man operating a paper machine rotor with iPad

Latest Scientific Results

A simulation environment for training a reinforcement learning agent trading a battery storage

Harri Aaltonen, Seppo Sierla, Rakshith Subramanya, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Energies

Mirrorlabs - creating accessible Digital Twins of robotic production environment with Mixed Reality

Doris Aschenbrenner, Jonas Rieder, Danielle van Tol, Joris van Dam, Zoltan Rustak, Jan Blech, Mohammad Azangoo, Panu Salo, Karl Kruusamae, Houman Masnavi, Igor Rybalskii, Alvo Aabloo, Marcelo Petry, Gustavo Teixeira, Bastian Thiede, Paolo Pedrazzoli, Andrea Ferrario, Michele Foletti, Matteo Confalonieri, Daniele Bertaggia, Thodoris Togias, Sotiris Makris 2021 Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, AIVR 2020

Towards Extension of Data Centre Modelling Toolbox with Parameters Estimation

Yulia Berezovskaya, Chen Wei Yang, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Technological Innovation for Applied AI Systems

Metrics and methods for robustness evaluation of neural networks with generative models

Igor Buzhinsky, Arseny Nerinovsky, Stavros Tripakis 2021 Machine Learning

Solar Irradiance Nowcasting for Virtual Power Plants Using Multimodal Long Short-Term Memory Networks

Dilantha Haputhanthri, Daswin De Silva, Seppo Sierla, Damminda Alahakoon, Rashmika Nawaratne, Andrew Jennings, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Frontiers in Energy Research

A Design Pattern for Monitoring Adapter Connections in IEC 61499

Pranay Jhunjhunwala, Jan Olaf Blech, Alois Zoitl, Udayanto Dwi Atmojo, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Proceedings of 22nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2021

Robust multi‐step predictor for electricity markets with real‐time pricing

Sachin Kahawala, Daswin De Silva, Seppo Sierla, Damminda Alahakoon, Rashmika Nawaratne, Evgeny Osipov, Andrew Jennings, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Energies

Dynamic Adapter Connections for IEC 61499

Paavo Kajola, Jan Olaf Blech, Udayanto Dwi Atmojo, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Proceedings of 22nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, ICIT 2021

SMT-based deployment calculation for IEC 61499 control applications

Tuojian Lyu, Jan Olaf Blech, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Proceedings of 4th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems, ICPS 2021

Evaluation of Permutation-Based Mutation Operators on the Problem of Automatic Connection Matching in Closed-Loop Control System

Vladimir Mironovich, Maxim Buzdalov, Valeriy Vyatkin 2021 Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, STUDFUZZ
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