Aalto Networking Platform

Mission and vision

Image visualising the key research areas. Described in text next to the image.

Climate change, globalisation, and digital transformation are just a few examples of significant, widespread societal challenges – and which a single research group or even a single field of research cannot tackle on its own. This is why Aalto University has established seven cross-disciplinary key research areas, coordinated by the Aalto Networking Platform.

The aims for Platform activities are to:

  • tackle multi-faceted research problems with significant societal impact,
  • increase the resilience of Aalto University and Finland by supporting the capability to change and adopt new challenges,
  • follow key research areas and identify weak signals and provide foresight activities and expert opinions,
  • add into domestic and international science policy discussions, providing input to the national agenda,
  • interact with Aalto University stakeholders, and
  • support initiatives of systemic research programmes.

Platform Impact

The support granted by the Platform initiative has helped Aalto University researchers join together and start such great collaboration projects as


Aalto Networking Platform managers come from research backgrounds and have proven track records in promoting cross-disciplinarity. They are broadly knowledgeable about ongoing research projects and programmes at both national and European levels and are well connected to Aalto University faculty and research ecosystems in their fields.

The Platform is governed by a sounding board of Aalto University professors from all Schools of the University.

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