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Time to level up is a community promoting the ways you can employ new (and not so new) technologies and techniques to make your work and study a breeze.
Time to level up campaign

The idea is to bring you tips & tricks on how to use the tools available in a way that saves your time & energy - so you can focus on the actual tasks at hand.

Let’s be creative and have courage to experiment new ways of working. When you discover a best practice, why not share it to others in #timetolevelup community in Teams. You can also pick up the best tips from others for your own benefit.

Log in and you will see a link and animation video to join the community for sharing and learning! With this direct link you can invite also others:

See what #timetolevelup has to offer you!

Whether you're a student or a staff member at Aalto, we've got something for you.

People at Aalto University community event on strategy in March 2019, photo Mikko Raskinen

#timetolevelup for staff

Time to level up campaign brings great benefits for the staff and we will guide you through them.

Students in front of School of Business

#timetolevelup for students

Time to level up campaign guides students through amazing tools for smooth studying experience.



Time to level up - A lot of the work today happens in teams. We have gathered some proven practices and tools to help you to make the most out of your teams!

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Aalto University School of Science students in a meeting room 2019. / Photographer Unto Rautio

#timetolevelup - Rooms, infra, equipment for staff

Time to level up - Book conference rooms, working and teaching spaces and navigate the campus quickly and easily.

Student at laptop. Photo by Aalto University / Aino Huovio

#timetolevelup - Work better anywhere

Time to level up - VDI enables you to access your Aalto desktop, software and all, using your preferred device.

Aalto Space applikaatio Kuva: Hannes Huotari

#timetolevelup - Spaces for students

Time to level up - Discover, book and navigate to rooms and spaces with Aalto Space for iOS and Android.

Photo: Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

#timetolevelup - Play it safe with the data

Time to level up - Remember to protect your precious data with Multifactor Authentication (MFA).


Time to level up is part of the Digital Aalto program

The campaign promotes benefits, successes, and lessons learned from Digital Aalto projects. Developing digital skills and knowledge is an important part of digitalisation and the process of making Aalto University a forerunner in digitalisation research and practice.

Digital Aalto

We have a very ambitious goal: within the next five years we are going to be a leading European university regarding digitalisation research and practice.

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