Instructions and tips for a sustainable life

Our green campus is made of small and large activities.
Aalto University Campus
Image: Unto Rautio / Aalto University


After housing and mobility, food is the most significant factor affecting climate change.

  • Choose plant-based and seasonal foods, as well as local, organic and fairtrade.
  • Only take as much as you can eat.
  • Use proper cutlery, instead of paper or plastic.
  • Tapwater is an ecological choice for drink.
  • You can share and pick up leftover foods through the student’s telegram group.

Electronics, IT

Use computers and other devices eco-efficiently. The Aalto IT Service Desk can help you.

  • Check the power save settings on your computer, even the sleep mode uses power.
  • Turn off the screen, lights and devices, when not in use.
  • Minimise your paper consumption, print on both sides of a paper and in smaller print.


Make smart choices – avoid waste.


Aalto strives for sustainable mobility with HSL and cities.


Otaniemi recycling center is the perfect place to rent your homeware. You can also donate, buy and get free useful stuff in the heart of the campus:

Leisure time and events

Look for other events by student union's Campus Section and other associations, such as the Village Clean-up Day.

Housing and university buildings 

Aalto aims for energy efficiency in campuses.

  • Change to green electricity
  • ”No adds please / Ei mainoksia” sticker in your door cuts down the paper waste.
  • Switch off the lights when you don't need to use them.
  • Switch off your workstation's screen, when leaving the work station.
  • Use email or other electronic communications channels instead of printouts
  • Conserve water

The most effective way to promote sustainability is through your studies

CHEMARTS. Photo: Aalto University/ Eeva Suorlahti

Research for sustainability

Complex sustainability challenges like climate change, loss of biodiversity and global inequality call for ground-breaking and societally impactful research. Our key research areas give us a unique chance for creating practice-relevant knowledge on cutting-edge sustainability solutions.


Recycling and sorting

Efficient recycling and sorting of waste is part of Aalto University's sustainable development strategy. We strive to reduce waste and reuse raw materials for either new products or energy.

Picture of leaves in water.
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Aalto University funds students' sustainability actions with tens of thousands in a year – “This is something we haven't seen anywhere else”

Aalto University’s Sustainability Action Booster is a pioneering grant designed to support student-owned sustainability actions on campus and beyond.
School of Business students. Photo: Ari Toivonen
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Advancing entrepreneurship and innovations

Technology transfer

Aalto university's technology transfer process is designed for impact
Aalto University students discussing in a group and enjoyng a summer sunny day outside Aalto University campus

Possibilities for students to be active in sustainability

At Aalto University, there are several ways students can engage in activities around sustainability. 
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What’s up in sustainability?

Webinars, courses, events, etc. that deal with sustainability themes are compiled on this page. Take a look and participate!
Doctoral education pilot

CIMANET Doctoral Education Network

Circular Materials Bioeconomy Network: From bio-based resources to advanced materials (CIMANET).
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