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Support in cases of harassment

Aalto University expects its employees and students as well as any other members of the community to act responsibly and treat each other with respect. Any harassment, inappropriate treatment or bullying is prohibited. All members of the community have a responsibility for the atmosphere and well-being of their workplace and studying community.

If you are student and have encountered harassment or inappropriate treatment, you should take the following steps:

  1. If possible, notify the other party immediately that you find their behaviour unacceptable and demand them to stop it. The person may have been unaware of the offensiveness of their actions.
  2. Write down the events and keep, e.g. all emails.
  3. If the harassment or inappropriate treatment continues, take the matter further: you can do so even if you have not been able to address the person directly.
  4. Contact one of the following: the manager of academic affairs at your school or the harassment contact person of AYY (contact details here). You can also contact the Aalto study psychologists (student counsellors).

The process: discussing and dealing with the issue in accordance with the Aalto process, taking necessary measures depending on the situation, for instance, mediation and follow-up.

If the discussions measures fail to end the inappropriate treatment or the case is particularly serious, the following disciplinary measures will be taken:

Misconduct by student

  • Written warning
  • Temporary suspension

Misconduct by employee

  • Reprimand
  • Written warning
  • Cancellation of employment relationship

Incidents constituting a criminal offence are reported to the police

If you are accused of inappropriate treatment:

  1. Do not belittle the feelings of the other party; the line between bullying and everyday conflicts may be a fine one.
  2. Stop your behaviour immediately if it has been seen as inappropriate even if you did not think you were guilty of bullying or harassment.
  3. Keep a record of relevant events. You can also turn to the student counsellors, if you want to talk to someone.

What constitutes inappropriate treatment and harassment?

Inappropriate treatment may take various forms. Inappropriate treatment is behaviour that violates commonly understood principles of good practice, or is inappropriate or disturbing. Inappropriate treatment includes causing offence by word, attitude or actions. Inappropriate treatment may also take the form of sexual harassment, which may be physical or verbal. Innuendo, facial expressions and gestures, nude photographs and coarse language may be just as offensive as unwanted physical contact.

Bullying may take, for example, the following forms:

  • persistently humiliating, undermining or bullying a person, and mentally abusing him or her;
  • excluding the person from the community and limiting his or her social relationships
  • threatening the health of the person;
  • restricting the right of the person to express opinions, violating his or her rights, abusing your power;
  • discriminating against a person, denying him or her opportunities to participate

What does not constitute bullying?

  • conflicts arising due to decisions related to studies or the interpretations thereof; 
  • dealing with problem situations related to studies
  • taking disciplinary action

Fraudulent accusations of bullying are regarded as equally serious an offence as bullying and may result in taking similar disciplinary action.

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