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Accounting, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

The Master’s Programme in Accounting prepares students for producing and using financial and non-financial information to control and manage companies. Accounting, whether financial accounting or management accounting, is at the heart of every business and a critical part of planning and decision-making in companies. Accounting graduates possess invaluable and highly universal know-how for succeeding in different organisations across all industries and continents.
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Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

Application period:

30 Nov 2023 – 2 Jan 2024

Language of instruction:



2 years, full-time


Relevant Bachelor's degree

Field of study:

Business and Economics


120 ECTS

Organising school:

School of Business

Tuition fees:

For non-EU/EEA citizens, €15000/y (Master’s studies) Read more

Applying to master’s programmes


The Master’s Programme in Accounting prepares students for producing and using financial and non-financial information to control and manage companies. Accounting, whether financial accounting or management accounting, is at the heart of every business and a critical part of planning and decision-making in companies. Accounting graduates possess invaluable and highly universal know-how for succeeding in different organisations across all industries and continents.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Aalto University’s tuition fee for master’s programmes taught in English is 15 000 euros per academic year. Tuition fees apply to citizens of countries other than those of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Aalto University has a scholarship programme to support non-EU/EEA citizens who study in a fee-charging degree programme. The scholarship may cover 100% or 50% of the tuition fee.

More information on tuition fees and scholarships at Aalto University is available at the Scholarships and Tuition Fees webpage.

Structure of studies

The Master’s Programme in Accounting is organized by the School of Business and comprises a total of 120 ECTS credits. The two-year programme consists of:

  • Programme studies (84 ECTS), including Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS)
  • Elective studies (36 ECTS)

Students have the opportunity to complete the minor studies (24 ECTS) in an official exchange programme partner of the School of Business.

At the beginning of their studies, students define their Personal Study Plans (PSP) together with an academic advisor. The primary purpose of PSP is to ensure that the studies support the student’s interests and are completed in a logical order.

Master's Programme in Accounting

The key takeaways from my years at Aalto include critical thinking, networking and problem-solving skills.

Cindy Svetkow, Consultant, EY


Specialisation is built mainly through advanced studies, where students may choose courses.


Accounting is universal, making it an ideal field for international careers. The skills that students learn in the programme are universal and can be applied industry-wide. To further encourage internationalisation, Accounting professors have diverse backgrounds and most of the courses handle global topics.

Aalto University is international by nature, welcoming thousands of degree and exchange students from abroad each year. These students join the diverse Aalto community not only through studies, but also multiple free time events, activities and celebrations around the campus. Programme administrators, active student tutors and student support services work rigorously to help international students integrate into Nordic culture and welcome them at home in Finland.

Further study opportunities

The degree grants eligibility for doctoral studies.

Career opportunities

As a graduate of Accounting, you will have broad career prospects. Typical job titles include, for example, Chief Financial Officer, Business Controller, Financial Analyst, Auditor and Business Consultant. The typical route from university to these positions happens through corporate collaboration. The students can network with companies especially during courses (e.g. Capstone course), student activities organised by Aalto Accounting (student association of accounting students) or thesis assignments. Most of the Accounting students have a guaranteed job already before graduating from the programme.

Aalto University has well-established career services that help you get employed in Finland and abroad. Aalto students tend to find good positions with ease upon their graduation. An active entrepreneurship community is also present at Aalto, which can help as a springboard for founding your company. Finally, if an academic career is of interest, the Master’s programme in Accounting is a great foundation for doctoral studies and post-doc positions.

Research focus

At the Department of Accounting, we conduct high-quality accounting research that is published in international top peer-reviewed journals. The emphasis of the research is on financial statement analysis, capital budgeting, auditing, performance measurement, management control, risk management, sustainability reporting, and corporate governance.

Co-operation with other parties

At the Department of Accounting, we believe that it is our responsibility to leave a positive mark not only on academic life but also on society at large. To accomplish this goal, the teachers at the department engage actively in societal discussions, cooperate closely with firms, other organizations, and other Aalto university parties. Many of the teachers give management and executive education for managers and executives.

Multidisciplinary opportunities

Accounting is needed in companies across all industries, and applying it is not only limited to the field of business. In the Master’s programme in Accounting, students can choose their minor and elective courses from a wide selection to meet their interests and goals.

Aalto University is well-known for bridging disciplines of business, arts, technology and science. The lively campus and freedom to choose elective courses across the university bring students from different fields under one roof. This spontaneous multidisciplinary environment sparks new ideas, gathers enthusiasts around them and gives birth to friendships, networks, and every so often, startups.

What makes studying in the Master's programme in Accounting so unique?

    Jari Huikku, Associate professor

    Capstone in Accounting is a compulsory M.Sc. degree course that students typically take on the 5th academic year. During this flagship course of the programme students will execute real-life projects in small teams providing value added to case companies or other institutions.

    Jari Huikku, Professor of Accounting, Aalto University School of Business

    Photo of Emma-Riikka Myllymäki, alumna of the Master's programme in Accounting.

    ''Accounting for sustainability - Accounting expertise in reporting, measuring, controls, and assurance can enhance organizations' sustainability reporting, which is in the core for sustainable decision-making inside and outside the organizations, and further, for achieving the sustainability goals of the future.''

    Emma-Riikka Myllymäki, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Aalto University School of Business

    Anna Kuusela, alumna of the Master's programme in Accounting

    “Today I have the confidence in myself and my skills: I believe I can figure anything out. This is one of the key mindset shifts shaped by my studies at Aalto and I know this will set me up for success…for life."

    Anna Kuusela, International online confidence coach for women and Founder & CEO of SISU Collective

    Jussi Siitonen_alumnus of the Master's programme of Accounting

    “My expectations for studying Accounting at the Aalto University School of Business were to get a strong analytical skill set to understand business dynamics and keep all the options open for further career opportunities. Now, after 30 years in the business I can assure that Accounting provided me not only with the analytical toolbox but also the capability to understand the importance of financial information as well as how to use that in the business world.”

    Jussi Siitonen, Chief Financial Officer, Amer Sports

    Teemu Malmi_Alumnus of the Master's programme in Accounting

    "Accounting is the language of business and needs to be understood well by all aiming to achieve leading positions in contemporary organizations. Our master’s program is designed to equip you with solid financial skills to guarantee success in variety of jobs including general management, financial management, consultancy, entrepreneurship and many others."

    Teemu Malmi, Professor of Accounting, Aalto University

    Alumna of the master's programme in accounting: Kati Marttila

    "Master’s studies at Aalto provided me with a solid foundation in financial reporting, as well as great opportunities for connecting with professionals from a variety of companies – everything needed for starting my career in the field."

    Kati Marttila, Controller, Cargotec

    Study-option-specific Admission Procedure and Evaluation Criteria

    Applicants meeting Aalto’s general eligibility criteria for master's studies are evaluated and ranked according to the evaluation criteria decided in advance for each study option.

    The applications to Master’s Programme in Accounting are evaluated based on the following criteria.

    Admission group 1

    Bachelor’s degree from a university in Finland

    Admission group 2

    Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied science in Finland or from a higher education institution abroad

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