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Aalto University students are offered a wide range of student benefits and fun free-time activities. On this page, you will find useful information on student services and different student organisations.
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As an Aalto University student, you have an access to various student benefits ranging from student restaurant discounts and affordable public transport to sports and health services, as well as student housing.

In addition, Aalto is the home of the Aalto University Student Union, AYY, and many other student organisations that provide their members with rich student culture and vivid campus life.

Learn more about Finland and Aalto campus

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Get to know Finland and Aalto

Finland’s excellent reputation in education, combined with a wide range of courses offered in English, makes Finland and Aalto University an attractive study destination for international students.

Study at Aalto
Aalto University campus in the autumn

Housing for students

Learn more about accommodation for both short and long-term stay in Finland.

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Virtual Campus Experience (external link)

Explore Aalto University’s campus from anywhere in the world! Our digital guides introduce you to our learning facilities, laboratories, workshops, service spots and outdoor spaces. Experience the tour on desktop, mobile or with VR headset.

Student Life

Student union and other student organisations

Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is a 15 000 members strong student organisation. AYY is a self-governing community subject to public law and its status is defined in the Finnish student union act.

All Aalto University students pursuing studies leading to a higher or lower university degree at Aalto University are members of the union. Doctoral students and exchange students may also join the student union should they wish to do so.

Numerous student organisations and communities, such as subject associations, sections, guilds and recreational clubs, operate within AYY.

Aalto University students enjoying coffee on campus

Student discounts for meals and public transport

Aalto University students are entitled to a discounted meal at student canteens. Only on the Otaniemi campus, there are more than 20 restaurants that offer diverse meal options daily. You can also use the meal benefit in other university campuses’ restaurants around Finland.

Aalto Campus restaurants

Students are allowed a discount for seasonal tickets for public transport in the Helsinki capital region. You can also find lowered student prices for other public transport such as long-distance buses, trains, and even flights.

Student discount for public transport in the Helsinki capital region

Health Care

Student healthcare

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides general, mental and dental health care to university students.

Aalto University students are entitled to use the FSHS services after paying the AYY membership fee and the student healthcare fee to Kela. All general and mental health appointments, including appointments with specialists and physiotherapists as well as group activities, are free of charge for students. Appointments with a dental hygienist are also free but students are charged a fee for dentists’ appointments, with the exception of the first dental examination by a dentist.

The FSHS health centres are located in Töölö, Otaniemi and Viikki. During evenings, nights and weekends, students can use the health care services provided by their own municipality.

Sports track on Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo.

Student sports services

UniSport is the provider of the Aalto University sports services. Operating on six campuses in Helsinki and Espoo, UniSport is a sports centre for the whole university community.

At the sports centres, you can find a wide range of sports to choose from and facilities for training on your own as well as in a group. The best training buddy for anyone wanting to stay fit is the UniSport Training Card, which students can purchase at an affordable student price.

The Aalto University Student Union AYY also organises various sports events and has approximately 60 sports clubs specialising in different sports.

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