Ronja Korhonen from Jyväskylä became interested in Aalto University after being inspired by her sister

Ronja Korhonen moved from Jyväskylä to Espoo, inspired by her sister who studied at Aalto University. Ronja quickly became part of the student community and student organization and encourages all those interested in technology to study chemical engineering.
Ronja Korhonen
Ronja Korhonen

When Ronja Korhonen was thinking about her future studies in high school, she received some unexpected help from her sister. Her sister had just started at Aalto and told her about chemical engineering studies. Ronja had never heard of chemical engineering before, but after a little research, she became very interested in the field. The decision on where to study was already made during the second year of high school.

Ronja liked studying chemistry in high school. However, she didn't want to study just chemistry, but something more versatile. She had also heard that engineering was a very employable field. It was this versatility and good employment opportunities that attracted her to chemical engineering. She was also fascinated by student life in Otaniemi, as she had already had a taste of it through her sister: “Already when I was applying, I had seen through my sister what the student culture was like in Aalto. I was excited about it. I thought I’d love to get involved." Moving from outside the capital region didn't seem difficult either, although it did take some getting used to. "It's nice that when you move from somewhere else, you start with a clean slate. I was really excited that there are unlimited opportunities to meet people and make friends," says Ronja.

During her second year of studies, Ronja got involved in student organizations. She was interested in making a difference and ended up as Head of Study Affairs for the Association of Process Engineering Students, inspired by a friend. Ronja feels that coming from elsewhere can be an asset in a new environment, including in student organizations. For her, coming from Jyväskylä has been a way to stand out from the crowd. Ronja encourages young people from outside the capital to apply to study in the capital region: "It was really exciting to move here, but there's no need to be afraid of it. It's more of an opportunity than a threat."

Ronja sees Otaniemi as a tight-knit community, but one that is easy to get into. "The best thing about Otaniemi is that it's such a unique thing. Otaniemi has its own vibe and spirit. When you come here, you are very well received. Otaniemi is like a small village, and Aalto's student culture is unique," says Ronja.

Ronja wants to encourage high school students to study chemical engineering. In particular, she stresses that chemical engineering has a huge potential and is a versatile field. "I think chemical engineering is more versatile than traditional chemistry, but you can also study it here. And don't stress too much, everyone will find their own people and their own direction. I'm sure many people here are still looking for what they want to be when they grow up. There is still plenty of time to think about that. I've had a really positive feeling about my future all along," Ronja encourages.

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