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Moving to Finland and financial matters

This page gives you further information for planning your move to Finland.

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Plan your budget and payment methods

By anticipating your monthly living expenses, you save yourself from surprises and can focus on your studies without worry.

Plan what to bring

You don't have to pack all your belongings with you, you can get practically everything you need in Finland. However, there are some things that make it easier in the beginning.

Plan your arrival and first day in Finland

  • Ensure you have a place to stay before arriving in Finland, as the university does not have any emergency housing, guest rooms or 24-hour reception. If needed, book a hostel/hotel for the first nights. More information about options can be found under housing.

  • Find out how, where and when to get the keys to your accommodation. In some cases your student tutor can help, in some cases you might need to pick up the keys yourself. Note, that housing offices are open on weekdays only and close at around 4.00 pm.

    • HOAS’ main office is located in the centre of Helsinki (street address Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 29), a walking distance from the central railway station and Kamppi metro station and main bus terminal.
    • AYY main office (including housing office) is located at the campus in Otaniemi, Espoo (street address: Otakaari 11).
    • In Mikkeli, MOAS office is located at Maaherrankatu 44. 
  • Purchase a prepaid card for your phone if needed. You can eg. visit R-kiosk at the arrivals terminal at the airport.
  • Continue from the airport. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located in Vantaa. It is easy and safe to use trains, buses or taxi to arrive from the airport to Helsinki city centre.
International students
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