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Living in Finland

On these pages, you can find information about living in Finland. Take a look at the information provided about grocery shopping, hobbies, Finnish weather, where to find help and other practicalities.

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Finnish climate

The Finnish climate might be colder than in many other countries but by embracing the beauty of nature's seasonal changes, and with suitable clothing, one can really grow to love living in Finland!

The seasons in Finland in a nutshell on InfoFinland's website and learn more about the Finnish climate from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Everyday shopping

Shopping in Finland is easy and flexible due to a large selection of grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants and smaller local markets which are open almost every day - some even 24/7. Especially large markets have a wide selection of all sorts of products, so you can often find everything you need from groceries to electronic devices from one store.

Opening hours are usually clearly displayed at the store entrance and on store websites and social media accounts. The largest stores and shops may have limited opening hours on public holidays but you will always find a small grocery store or gas station that will serve you. Also, in addition to most restaurants, many stores offer home delivery.

When paying in cash, please note, that 1 and 2 cent coins are not used in Finland, and cash payments are always rounded to the nearest 5 cent.


Recycling is well organised in Finland and most housing providers have proper sorting solutions on their premises. Recycling is important as most material can be reused.

Please see InfoFinland website for detailed instructions about recycling.


Exploring the Finnish nature during different seasons is almost a hobby on its own. However, one can find loads of possibilities for in and outdoor sports, artistic hobbies or maybe gaming, you choose!

Both cities and private service providers offer a lot of hobby possibilities. See also InfoFinland website for their list of leisure time possibilities.

As a student, be sure to also check what clubs associated with the Aalto University Student Union have to offer. In the metropolitan area Unisport offers sports facilities, group exercise and other wellness services at student prices.

Finnish customs and manners

Finnish customs are European with some national characteristics. In general, attitudes and lifestyles in Finland are liberal, and basic courtesy and respectful behavior goes a long way. However, there are a few aspects related to the Finnish landscape and Finnish nature which it is good to be aware of. Note that these are generalizations and do not apply to all Finnish people.

Where to find help?

On this page you can find sources of information and support in different kinds of situations in life. A good general source of information concerning the functions of the Finnish society is InfoFinland -site.

For any questions or issues to do with your wellbeing you are always welcome to contact and/or visit the Starting Point of Wellbeing which offers a wide range of advice and guidance on different services at Aalto.

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