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Certified hard copy documents after admission results

Applicants admitted in the Master's admissions must submit certified hard copy documents after the admission results have been published.
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In the application phase, scanned colour copies of the application documents are uploaded to the online application system.

After the publication of admission results, the admitted applicants must submit certified (attested) hard copy documents by the given deadline.

Admission is conditional until the certified hard copy documents have been received.

Conditionally granted study right will be cancelled if the certified documents; or documents according to the country-specific document requirements; are not received in the required manner by the deadline. The certified documents will be compared to the electronic documents uploaded to the application system.

The documents need to be submitted according to the country-specific document requirements, if the degree is completed in:

Australia, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, the United Kingdom or the United States.

Read the requirements on Country-specific requirements page.

Note that there is a country-specific requirement also for degrees completed in Finland. As a rule, certified copies of educational documents are not required for studies completed in Finland. However, read the instructions carefully for exceptions.

Document instructions

Other useful information

Country-specific document requirements

There are country-specific document requirements for educational documents awarded in certain countries (after admission).
If the country-specific requirement concerns one document only (e.g. transcript of records), the rest of the educational documents must be submitted according to the general document instructions.

Aalto University students. Photo by A Toivonen.

Applying to master’s programmes

The admissions to the two-year master’s programmes at Aalto University are organised once a year.
The application period for studies beginning in the autumn of 2024 runs from 30 November 2023 to 2 January 2024.

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Contact Information for Aalto University Admission Services

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