Space 21

Space 21: Onboarding

Everything that potential or current Space 21 users need to know: how to apply and behave, as well as other instructions and useful information
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Here you can find everything you need to do and to know before you begin working in Space 21, or if you need to refresh your memory. This information can also come in handy if you just want to get to know the place in general.

Useful files are located at the end of this page. They include two introductory slides about the space for everyone to use in their own slide shows, as well as templates for project use (e.g., storage slip and project description).

1. Apply for a space

Fill in and send an application form. Link below.

2. Request physical access

Once your application is accepted, request physical access via Aalto IdM -system. Link below.

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Space 21: Apply for a space

Apply for a space by filling in an application form.

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Space 21: How to get access rights

Instructions on how to request access to Space 21 through Aalto IdM-system.


3. Go through the house rules and workshop rules

This step is important - you need to know the rules to be able to act by them!

4. Go through fire safety and first aid

Make sure you know where to find fire extinquishers and first aid from plasters to first aid kit. Either do this individually or ask Jason to show you where all that is located.

Other practicalities

There are also some other activities, tiny and a bit bigger, that are recommended once you start working in Space 21.

People in front of the painted window.
Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Join Space 21 Tenants Telegram group and introduce yourself there. It is always nice to know the people who are working under the same roof! You get the invitation link either when you visit the place, or asking it directly from Jason.

Make yourself at home. Make your first cup of coffee using our beloved Jura the coffee machine (or brew some tea, whichever you prefer).

Create your own project poster. We love to know the people in Space 21, but also what are they working on! You can find the template from the useful files below that you can use to get an idea - just fill it in or use it as you wish to create a poster of your own.

Give feedback. We appreciate all feedback throughout the process, from the very beginning to your last days in Space 21. We aim to create Space 21 the best possible place for everyone, and for that we need your help.

Useful files

Please note that you need to log in using your Aalto account to get access to the files and be able to download them.

  • Introduction slides. 2 powerpoint slides about Space 21 which you can use in your own presentations if needed.
  • Project description form. Plain form you can print, fill in and attach to your door to let people know who is working in certain spaces and what are the projects about.
  • Project storage form. Plain form you need to print, fill in and attach to stuff you store in Space 21.


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Space 21

Space 21 offers free project and studio spaces for facilitating collaboration, experimentation and radically new thinking and doing.

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Space 21 - FAQ

All the common questions about Space 21 answered and gathered to one place.

Space 21
Space 21 logo taped on the glass door with the place itself visible through it.

Space 21 is now officially open – come visit and explore!

Radical Creativity team will be hosting monthly morning coffees at Space 21, the living room of Radical Creativity

Five students building an installation in a rough project space.

Space 21 - a project space for experimentation!

Space 21, a project space for the use of all Aalto community, opened its doors in spring 2022

Photo of Jason Selvarajan, Space 21 coordinator.

Space 21 coordinator Jason Selvarajan encourages everyone to experiment

Get to know Jason Selvarajan, coordinator of Space 21, Aalto's new project space

Aalto innovations present at Flow Festival, photo by Samuli Pentti

Radical Creativity fostering re-thinking

Intelligence is usually seen as the ability to think and learn. But as the world is changing at a pace like never before, the most crucial skill may be the ability to think again and unlearn.

Radical creativity illustration: Anna Muchenikova

Radical creativity

We build an outstanding creative community for new thinking.

Our strategy
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