Warranty and service

As a general outline devices are serviced only during the warranty period. Warranty policies of all the IT devices are shown below and guides for servicing the devices.

Taking the device to warranty repair

The easiest way of getting the faulty device to warranty repair is done by contacting Aalto IT Servicedesk. IT Servicedesk checks if the fault can be fixed independently and, if needed, takes the device for manufacturers service. At the Servicedesk you can also ask for backup devices for a short-term loan.

IT Service Desk contact information and service hours

IT End User Support is a contact point to the users of the Aalto University IT who are in need of help and information. There are local service desks in every campus. You can ask for help by email, telephone or visiting the service desk during opening hours.

IT Service Desk

The easiest way of getting the faulty device to warranty repair is done by contacting Aalto IT Servicedesk. Alternatively you can also make a service call by yourselves. You can find vendor spesific instructions below.

Warranty periods

Device service is most profitable during the warranty period. As a general outline devices are serviced only during the warranty period. After the warranty period there should be very powerful reasons to service a faulty device. Usually it is more economical to replace faulty devices after the warranty has ended, usually fixing a faulty phone costs as much as a new mobile phone.

Warranty does not cover devices with accidental faults (Water damage, dropped devices...).

If the warranty does not cover the servicing the unit bears the costs.

The devices purchased with Aalto University standard contracts have warranties as follows:


Warranty period


PC-laptops (Dell, HP)

3 years

on-site NBD

PC-desktops (Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, HP)

4 years

on-site NBD


3 years

repair warranty

Nokia phones

2 years

repair warranty


1 years

repair warranty


2 years

repair warranty


2 years

repair warranty

Huawei and Honor -phones

2-3 years (depends on the mod

Mobilephone batteries

Batteries for mobile phones have usually 6 months, however this depends on the device.

Instruction by manufacturer or by product range

Mobile phones

Android phones have usually 2 years and iPhones 1 year.


iPhone warranty can be checked with the IMEI-code:

In Serial number place IMEI-code (In iPhone Settings -> General -> Information) and the page indicates whether the warranty is valid.


Nokia phones warranty can be checked:

For the check, you need Serial Number of your pnone. Instructions for finding it can be found from the link above.


Instructions for checking Samsung warranty:

Sending the phone to service

Broken phone can be delivered to the nearest IT Servicedesk who will deliver the phone to service. They have also backup phones at your disposal for use during the service. Please ask for a backup phone when delivering the phone to the Servicedesk. The backup phones are usually older models, not the latest smartphones.

The service time for a phone is about 2-4 working weeks.




Helps to find the problem and sends technician On Site to fix the problem.

For making the service faster keep the serial number available (service tag) for the phone conversation with the service personnel..

Phone: 0207 533 566

[email protected]
[email protected]


Warranties of other products ordered via Dustin

If you have ordered or you have been ordered for (from Dustin) some other brands product or product that is under warranty (not ie. Lenovo/HP/Fujitsu computers) the service callis done via email: [email protected]


PC Laptop batteries

HP standard models has had from the spring 2012 longer lifespan batteries for which the manufacturer provides 3 year warranty.

Please see below "Warranty check" if the warranty is still ongoing please see instructions in "Service calls" to get the HP repair or simply the new battery as warranty service. If the warranty is over, please place an order vai the order form. Battery costs around 100 Euros. Please tell the device model when ordering a new battery.

Warranty check

HP PC- computers and displays warranty can be checked by the serial number in this address:

Devices serial number can be found from Aalto Os computer by pressing "Ctrl+F12", but Non Aalto OS or non working computer it can be usually found from the surface of the device(from the bottom/back of computers and from the back of the displays) in some laptop models the serial number is under the battery so the battery must be removed to see the serial number.

Service calls

Service call is opened by calling to HP's service number or from HP's electronic service call system Critical service calls are recommended to open by phone.

HPs Technical services phonenumber:

+358 981 710 031

In service request the customer needs to inform following information:

Company, Customer name, phone number and email address · Corresponding information of contact person · Serial number of the device · brief fault description

After this the recipient checks the devices service level and forwards the work in the right service unit in HP

Foreign countries

Laptop computers bought through Aalto Universitys contract (brand: HP) have a 3-year worldwide on-site support, which is available in all countries where HP has an operational service organization. The availability and response time may have country-specific differences. 


Warranty is carry-in-warranty. Aalto University can order a pick-up for the device from mCare, the packing and shipment service is free when the device has been Procured from IlonaIT under the new contract and it is a warranty repair. Otherwise the cost is 22€ VAT 0% and it includes the same service, pickup for the device, packing and return from the service when the device is picked up from Aalto University and ofcourse if it is not warranty repair, the cost of the service.

As said the services of Apple Computers and Displays can now be done via mCare. Here below you can find simple explanation of the new service practice.

The new Apple computer and display service practice:

  1. Fill the Service call form:  
  2. mCare contacts the customer directly (the one who filled the service request form) for the pick-up. mCare packs the device when picked up. Service and the packing service is free for the devices ordered with the new contract. 
  3. Services for devices NOT bought under the contract with IlonaIT (ie. iTronic/Kampusdata) can also be done with this same form 
  • It is the same process but the logistics costs with warranty repairs and non warranty repairs is 22€ alv 0%. iMacs with Apple Care On-Site, are picked up and returned. 
  • IlonaIT gets automatic message, when service is ordered through this form and also from the service calls from the devices that are not bought from IlonaIT under the contract  

NOTE! In case of urgent repair a user can take the computer by themself in any Apple approved service for a guick repair. The contarct with the supplier for repairs is made to help the user to not worry about the repair and IT Services can and will make the repair call for the device for the customer and ofcourse after the repair is done contacting the customer for picking up the repaired device. IT Services will help users with any cases of repairs and we also have possibilities for spare devices for the time of repair.

Every Apple computer procured since 1.10.2013 has a minimum of 3 year Apple warranty.

If there is any concerns about the service repairs please contact [email protected]

iPhone-products are not included

Foreign countries

EFI password of Apple computers in Aalto can be given from Aalto to third part(Apple Service provider) when the Apple computer has unique EFI password. 

Fujitsu --> Laitteet / Työasematuotteet / Pöytätietokoneet

Service calls

Fujitsu computers phone service on weekdays 8-18

Free support service is available for the time of device warranty at (On-Site services and changes):

0800 0 5979

After the warranty period service is available at 0600 9 5955 (2,95 €/min + pvm)

Service calls can be made on weekdays 8-18 to free support number 0800 0 5979.

Contents of the service call

Please attach always the serial number of the device and description of the problem. Especially information of any error messages is important when resolving the problem.

The Serial Number is found on the desktops at the back of the device and in laptops it is on the bottom of the device. Serial number might start with number 3, 4, 7 or with a letter Y. Serial number is generally marked after the text SNR, Identnr or Ser.Nr.

You can also contact via email

Company products: [email protected]

Service calls: [email protected]

Fujitsu Services Oy IT help desk for contract customers is operational within the agreed service time.


Warranty status checks

Checking Lenovo devices warranty status and end date can be done in:
Lenovo - Support - Warranty status

Service calls

Service call is opened by calling IBM service number
0800 1 4260

In service request the customer needs to inform following information:

Type of the device, Serial number of the device, Company, Customer name, phone number and email address · Corresponding information of contact person · brief fault description

The device type serial number is usually found from bottom of the device (laptops) or from the back (workstations and monitors).

Businessforums service address is not the right one if the faulty device is Dell/Lenovo/HP/Fujitsu/Apple computer or accessory of those. Service addresses for these are shown above.


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