Visitor network

The visitor network is a wired network connection for visitors at Aalto University. The connection corresponds to the wireless aalto open network.

How to get the visitor network?

The service can be ordered from the IT Service Desk, by explaining

  • where the connection should be made
  • for how long
  • any additional wishes. (external link)

Web service portal of IT Service Desk.

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The speed of the connection is 1 Gbit/s.

The service is offered on all the main campuses, and its primary purpose is to establish an internet connection for a terminal device for temporary use. The speed of the connection corresponds to Aalto University’s own fixed network connections, and it is designed as an alternative to the wireless aalto open network.

The network’s parameters are distributed automatically from the DHCP server. Manually specified address settings should not be used. Upon additional request, device-specific firewall openings to the service can be made.

The most important user groups are partners, such as consultants, visiting researchers and teachers without an Aalto workstation, or different events that need a temporary, wired internet connection.

A connection is made with a mains cord, from a prearranged wall outlet. With special permission, users can share the connection wirelessly with their own WLAN base station, provided that encryption with the AES-256 level, at least, is used. Permission for connecting with a WLAN base station and with network connections to public spaces is granted for a fixed time. Departmental administrators can also request a permanent connection of the wall outlets in their conference facilities to the visitor network. All requests must be made via the IT Servicedesk.


There is no access from the visitor network area to Aalto’s internal administration services. These include, e.g., the HR and financial systems. Administrative tasks must always be performed with a workstation owned by Aalto University, from Aalto University’s internal network or via the VPN connection.

This service should not be used as the primary internet connection; the connection is intended for temporary use. Researchers have specific networks for research workstations, so the visitor network should not be used for permanent research use. Building technology, surveillance cameras or information board should also not be placed in the visitor network.

As a general rule, TCP traffic out of the network is not filtered. Incoming UDP traffic is filtered, except for the most important service ports. Opening requests for TCP connections coming from the outside are also filtered.

The service can only be delivered to locations with a physical Aalto data communication network.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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IT Services

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