Visitor refers to a person who is not employed by Aalto and therefore receives no salary from Aalto, but needs access to Aalto campus, equipment and/or databases. All visitors need a host, and the hosts must report all visitors to HR, so all persons using the University's facilities can be registered. Visitors can get a personal access right tag to campus area.
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Visitors and the Visitor's Agreement

The most typical visitors group are academic visitors, whom the university world has long traditions of hosting, but also in the services sector, e.g., consultants may form a visitor's relationship with Aalto.

If the visit lasts or visitor needs access to Aalto's databases for a month or more, the terms and the visitor's position within the organisation should be agreed in writing. A copy of this Visitor's Agreement is given to visitor. This way, unnecessary surprises during the visit can be avoided: the visitor is aware that they are not an employee and therefore not entitled to occupational health care services or other benefits even when they are part of a research group for a long period of time, and what the immaterial rights of the research are. Also since there is no employment relationship, the host does not have the right to manage or direct the visitor. The full Visitor's Agreement (for research groups) template is available on Academic Visitor page.

Before the agreement can be drafted, HR needs to save the visitor's personal and contact details as well as the dates of the visit into the HR system Workday. The visiting period can be extended if there is no opposing restrictions. More on terms on the Academic visitor page.

The Visitor's Agreement is not necessary when the visitor is Aalto's own student. However, the student's personal details and period of visitor status validity must be saved to Workday.

Short term visitor or guest (no Aalto ID)

For guests staying less than 30 days a written Visitor's Agreement is not mandatory and the visitor's personal details are not saved to Workday. This means that the visitor will receive no Aalto ID and they will not automatically receive independent access rights to Aalto campus. Guests are allowed in the campus in the company of the host.

Access rights in some buildings may differ. Please contact your building's key responsible for further instructions on possibility to get a temporary visitor's pass to campus, which the host signs off.

Temporary visitor Aalto ID to databases is not possible. For creating an Aalto ID for visitor their personal details must always be saved to HR system Workday: if the short'term visitor needs independent access to campus and/or databases, a visitor's agreement must be signed same as for long term visitor.

Accommondation and transport

Visitors are responsible for organising their own accommodation and transportation. Here are some links to get started.

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Here you will also find restaurants, the map, the Aalto Space mobile app, access control - all practical information on one page! You can also visit the campus virtually.

Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Social life and recreation

Having social networks helps you feel at home! Aalto University organises many events and other possibilities for international staff and their families to meet and mingle and thus hopefully settle in smoothly. Some examples are Experiencing Finland and Aalto Club events. In addition, we have collected tips and links for you to find the most suitable information.

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