Tenure track – research leave and other absences

This page contains instructions on tenure track professors' study leaves and other absences. You can find more information on other employment-related issues in the employment index (see the link at the bottom of the page).
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Research leave

Aalto supports the professional growth and development of the expertise of tenure track professors in many ways. The most important form of support with a view to the tenure track career system is the research leave (Research Leave for Tenured (Associate/Full/Distinguished) Professors and Junior Leave for Assistant Professors and Fixed Term Associate Professors). The Protocol for Research Leave in Tenure Track has been updated in May 2018.

For additional information on research leave practices, please contact the school's HR manager. See contact information for HR Services at the bottom of the page.

Family leaves and other absences

The duty of a person pursuing a university career is to acquire the qualifications required for transfer to the next phase of the career within a prescribed time. Taking account gender equality aspects, it is outlined in the Aalto policy that the tenure track clock stops on account of a conscript/non-military service, a family leave (maternity, parental or paternity leave) as well as and other personal absences that may be considered (such as illness of the close relative). In such a case, the employment relationship is continued by a period corresponding to the time a person is relieved of his/her duties. 

As regards child-care leave and sick leave (when incapacity for work qualifies for compensation from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela), the employment relationship can be continued due to a release from work lasting more than three months by a period corresponding to the time a person is relieved of his/her duties. The Dean and School HR-manager decide on the extension based on the person’s application. 

Further information from school HR. See contact information for HR Services at the bottom of the page.

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Tenure track

Aalto University’s tenure track career system offers a well-supported and clear career path for professor-level academics towards a permanent professorship.

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