Sisu – information system for studying and teaching

Sisu is a new student information system, which will replace Aalto University’s current student information system Oodi. Currently Sisu in used for making individual study plans (ISP). In Aalto University Sisu will be deployed in its entirety in the autumn 2021.
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The Deployment of Sisu at Aalto University

Aalto has been piloting the making of individual study plans in Sisu since 2017. By now the new students in nearly all bachelor and master level degree programmes are making their study plans in Sisu. In the autumn 2020 also the old students of these programmes will start using Sisu for planning their studies. At that point Aalto will also move from the pilot phase to production use of Sisu’s study plan functionality.  

During the academic year 2020-2021 Sisu’s study plans will be piloted in the Doctoral Programme in Business, Economics and Finance. Using Sisu for study plans in the international double degree programmes is also currently investigated.  

During the year 2020 there is a lot of preparatory work going on, so that Sisu can be used in its entirety at Aalto University in the autumn 2021. Further development and introducing new functionalities will actively continue also after that.  

Enter Sisu here

Logo of the Sisu student information system

Sisu interface (

Link to the web interface of the Sisu student information system.


Sisu Help: all instructions for Sisu (

Website where you can find all instructions how to use Sisu student information system.

What is Sisu used for?  

The individual study plan made by the student is the basis for many processes in Sisu. Sisu makes it possible to track progress and develop studies based on the individual study plans.  

In the future Sisu will also offer  

  • a register for student information and studies
  • tools for teachers for managing course registrations and grading studies
  • tools for making diplomas
  • online application processes, like applying for graduation, applying for extension to duration of studies and applying for credit transfer  

User rights

Sisu can be accessed with an Aalto ID.

Students need not to apply for user rights separately. Teaching personnel need not to apply for user rights for approving the personal study plans and, in due course, managing their own courses. Learning Services personnel can apply for user rights in Nintex.

Instructions can be found in Sisu HELP

Intructions are constantly updated when the system is developing.

Instructions of use for teachers

Instructions of use for students

Leap for Learning – enabling success

Two new platforms, Sisu and Aalto Service Platform, will revolutionise teaching and learning related services in Aalto.​

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Leap for Learning for Students

Summary of current and upcoming changes in study practice.

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