Returning your old computer – what to do

Return your old computer to the IT Service Desk to ensure that it is recycled securely.
On this page you will find a list of things to check and do before you return your computer.
If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk. We are happy to help.

Below you will find a list of things to do before you return your computer. 

Network drives 

Check and list which network drives have been mapped to your computer. You can see them with CTRL+F12 or CTRL+ Fn+F12. You can also find them on your computer.  
Windows: open File Explorer- "This PC" - scroll down to "Network locations 
Mac: Finder - Go - Connect to Server   

If you wish we can map the network drives to your new computer at the IT Service Desk, but we need to know the network paths.  

Save files from your computer to OneDrive 

If you have files stored locally on your computer, make sure to save them elsewhere, for example to Aalto OneDrive. With OneDrive, it is easy to verify whether all required data has been successfully synchronized to the cloud.  

The desktop and the documents folder of Windows computers are automatically synchronized. This means that the same desktop, and your documents folder with its content, are available for you after you log in on any computer.

Outlook resource mailboxes 

Check and list what resource mailboxes you have in Outlook. These can normally be seen in Outlook left pane. IT Services do not have this information. The resource mailboxes will be added to Outlook on your new computer. 


Copy and save your bookmarks from the browser that you use. This way they can be added to the browser on your new computer.  

Backup and transfer of bookmarks, Firefox:  

Backup and transfer of bookmarks, Edge: 

Synchronization of files with a file server (Windows)

These instructions describe how the status of Offline Files synchronization can be monitored and how it can forced on manually. The instructions only apply to Windows laptops and research workstations in centralized management by Aalto University.

How to connect to a network drive in Windows workstations

It is easier to use a network drive when you use a link instead of a long file path. There are two convenient ways of making links in Windows: the Favorites-/Quick access unction, and mapping a network drive as a drive letter.

How to connect to a network drive in Mac workstations

Instructions on how to connect a Mac workstation to a network drive

How to open a resource mailbox

After ordering a resource mailbox, you will be created one briefly.

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