Research Ethics Committee

Aalto University Research Ethics Committee is responsible for the preliminary ethical evaluation of the university's non-medical research projects in human sciences.

Aalto University's Research Ethics Committee sees to the carrying out of preliminary ethical assessments at the university for non-medical research which relates to the human sciences. Statements on research projects that come under the Medical Research Act (laki lääketieteellisestä tutkimuksesta, 488/1999) are provided by the ethical committees of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS): HUS, ethical committees (in Finnish)

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A preliminary ethical assessment refers to assessment of a research plan in the light of the ethical practices generally followed in that particular field of research, with special emphasis on preventing any harm that the research or its results might cause to the research subject. A preliminary review applies only to precisely defined research configurations. It can be implemented also if the study’s publication forum, financier or an international cooperation partner requests it.

Aalto University is committed to complying with the instructions drafted by the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK), the instructions on preliminary ethical assessments of research within the human sciences (see below for guidelines pdf)

Guidelines for human research ethics (TENK 2019)

 The Finnish Research Ethics Advisory Board (TENK) has updated national guidelines on ethical principles for research with human participants and ethical pre-evaluation in human sciences.

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research ethics pre evaluation process
Key criteria for ethical pre evaluation

Applying for pre evaluation on research ethcics 

Pre evaluation is applied with e -statement request (requires an Aalto id). Remember to read the quidelines prior to applying.


Research ethics pre-evaluation e-form

You find instructions and more information from the following sites

Person outside

Personal data and Research ethics

Researchers collecting personal data must comply with appropriate legislation, ethical principles of research and Aalto guidelines.

Personal data

How to handle personal data in research?

Recognize whether you are processing personal data and follow these instructions to handle it correctly.

Templates and instructions, for example privacy notice. Requires Aalto id

Handling of statements

Statement requests for each meeting shall be sent to the Committee secretary at the latest 21 days before the meeting. The Research Ethics Committee meets regularly when convened by the chair. The prepared statements can be discussed and accepted also in e-mail meetings within 21 days of the statement request being submitted. If you are not satisfied with the committee’s decision or requests for modification, you have a right to make a statement request to the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK).

Meetings and applications: 

Meeting agendas and minutes are available (link), requires Aalto id

Statement request submitted (latest) 


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Oct 31 2019 Minutes

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The statements are prepared by two Committee members with expertise in the relevant research area. If needed, the preparing Committee members can ask for additional information from the researcher requesting the statement.

Meeting minutes and agendas

Aalto University Research Ethics Committee's meeting agendas and minutes can be asked from the secretary. Statement requests are confidential. 

Contact information

Chair: Vice President Ossi Naukkarinen ([email protected])
Secretary:  Senior Specialist Annukka Jyrämä ([email protected])


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