Machines, tools and workshops in Aalto for Artistic and Creative Practices

This page contains list of machines and tools across Aalto to help students to make amazing things. The list details what tools are available, where to locate them and some basic information to help get you started with them. Many workshops have their own resources and they are also linked here. Some of the workshops and devices might require prerequisite courses, special permissions, training or agreements between departments. In theory, all tools are available to all students - just have good reasoning for your needs!

This page will be updated periodically, if you have suggestions or changes, please email the author of this page found at the bottom of this page. Basic information updates can also be submitted via the form.

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Formlabs Form 2 and Form 3 SLA 3D printers at Aalto Fablab

Aalto Fablab

Aalto Fablab is the digital fabrication laboratory of the Aalto University.

Photograhper Adolfo Vera

ADDLAB facilities

Get Familiar with our facilities and machinery

School of Engineering
Photo of Jason Selvarajan, Space 21 coordinator.

Space 21 coordinator Jason Selvarajan encourages everyone to experiment

Get to know Jason Selvarajan, coordinator of Space 21, Aalto's new project space

News (external link)

Aalto Research & Teaching Infrastructure booking system

IT-ohjeet / IT insrtuctions Quick guide

The new user interface for provides a fresh and updated experience for searching available spaces on Aalto campus. In this version several new features are added to make the booking experience better. Please see the change log at the end of this User Guide for details of new features in each release.
In the below screenshot, you can see the landing page, which provides the starting point for all space bookings.

Diverse Studios Takeout equipment

Aalto Studios Takeout (external link)

Wide selection of equipment for audiovisual projects at the Otakaari 7 Takeout office. Part of the Aalto Takeout network.


MyCourses Instructions for Students (external link)

Manual for the online learning environment

Start here:


Scheduling tool for Workshops and tools in Arts

seach for Workshop and tool in Arts in

Video tour here (Youtube)

Course: ARTS infra workshop Access, Topic: Workshop Booking (

Poikkeusaukioloajat lukuvuonna 2022-23 | Aalto-yliopisto <- Workshop availability can be seen here.

Scheduling tool for Engineering and Science Aalto Research & Teaching Infrastructure Scheduling Tool
Equipment borrowing service for Aalto community  Aalto Takeout - Equipment discovery for Aalto University
Takeout support for exhibitions Book a helper for your exhibition Takeout support for exhibitions | Aalto University
Reservation of exhibition spaces

Organise an Exhibition at Aalto University | Aalto University

Aalto-yliopisto - Tilavarausjärjestelmä

Scheduling tool for Aalto Studios Workshops and tools Aalto Fablab
    Costume Workshop
    Set Design Workshop
    Set Design Workshop Orientation 
    Wood Workshop
    Metal Workshop
    Atelier, Classroom 377
3D printing studio   3D Print | Aalto University
    PrintShop | Aalto Design Factory




Device and description (specs) Additional information Physical location and contact info

Equipment borrowing service for Aalto community has a boat load of great cameras and photography gear to help you take amazing pictures, video and more

There are two sites for takeout. Väre Takeout has the most cameras and Studios specializes in video production 

Photography Studio

Dark Room    
Self Service Studio Small user groups, panel discussions, lectures or thesis presentations. Computer Works with Aalto ID and recordings go to Panopto.

Screening Room

Genelec speakers, Yamaha 11.2 sound system (not calibrated). Projektori Panasonic 4K laser (not calibrated). Room for 10-14.  people  

Väre F005.

Booking rights from Mattila Esa 

Movie screening room

Mayer 7.1 suond system, Dolby CP950 sound processor. Oppo Bluray player (code free) HDMI for computer connection

Maarintie 8, 2007 Odeion.

Aalto-yliopisto - Tilavarausjärjestelmä



360 Photography, 3D scanners and Photogrammetry


Device and description (specs) Additional information Physical location and contact info

Photorobot Turntable and multicam system. 

Device capable of making 360 degree spins of artefacts. Using photogrammetry 

Intro – PhotoRobot (

360 spins, photogrammetry


  • Reality capture
  • Meshroom
  • 3 - 120 cm
  • 40 kg max
  • relective and monocolor objects are difficult

Space 21


✉ Contact the responsible personnel


Turn table   Aalto ADDLAB
Turn table 2   Aalto ADDLAB
Mechanical hand scanner   Aalto ADDLAB


Lidar RIEGL VS-400

Riscan pro used for aligning and processing pointclouds. Also see Cloud Compute and Reality Capture.

RiPano for hosting scans for online viewing.


* Requires Magics permit to book via takeout.

Artec LEO 3D Hand scanner

Artec Studio 

Design X software


Solomon Embafrash


Microscope with DSLR Siemens + Canon Aalto FABLAB
Microscope with DSLR Leica Chemarts lab
Microscope with DSLR   Other Chemistry labs
3d scanning (pizza robot and whitebox)   Aalto Civil Engineering Department
Insta360 ONE X2 360 photos, 360 video ELEC takeout
Insta360 pro titan


Aalto Takeout * Requires Magics permit to book via takeout.
Insta360 pro 2 360 photos, 360 video Aalto Takeout, Studios * Requires Magics permit to book via takeout.
Insta360 ONE X3   Aalto Takeout, Studios
iPhone 12Pro Lidar and photogrammetry, slow motion, time lapse Aalto Takeout, Väre
ipad Pro Lidar and photogrammetry, slow motion, time lapse Aalto Takeout, Väre


High-Speed Cameras

The following are the list and the location of high-speed cameras publicly available for researchers to use at Aalto University. To book these cameras, please visit Aalto University's Infrastructure booking services and search for the keyword 'High-speed cameras'. To use high-speed cameras, researchers need to have completed appropriate prior training. To know more know about necessary training, please contact IT Customer Relationship manager at your school. Contact IT Customer Relationship manager

High-Speed camera models available at Aalto Physical location and contact info

RPI High-Speed Camera System - RAMI (Sony IMX219)

Kemistintie 1, 02150 Espoo, FINLAND  Contact the responsible personnel

Photron Fastcam APX-RS - PHYS Active Matter

Department of Applied Physics Contact the responsible personnel

Phantom Miro - PHYS SMW

Department of Applied Physics

Phantom v1610 - PHYS SMW

Department of Applied Physics

3D Printers

The following are the list and the location of 3D printing equipment publicly available for students, staff researchers to use around campus.

3D print lab

Great selection and multiple printers including FDM, SLA, Polyjet and a Clay printer

Booking via mycourses

Mainly for students of Art, Design and Architecture 

ADD lab

Experimental printers including Metal printer, bioprinter, foodprinter, carbonfiber composite FDM, metal composite printers, a small clay printer and traditional FDM and SLA printers. 

Booking via google calendar (talk to the workshop manager)

Mainly for students in Engineering

FDM and SLA printers

Booking via

Mainly for IT, electronics and automation 
Design Factory Some multimaterial printers (bit dated) Everyone? PrintShop | Aalto Design Factory
Space 21

Just 1 Ultimaker, a Prusa and a CR10

Booking via appointment and only if not in use by ELEC

Everyone, just for emergencies


Do you know of other 3d printers or extruders that we could list here, even if they aren't always accessible to outsiders?

3D printer models available at Aalto Additional information Physical location and contact info
  • Stratasys Objet350 (A polyjet technology-based 3D printer
  • Stratasys uPrint SE plus and Prodigy Plus (A used deposition modeling (FDM)-based 3D printer)
  • Formlabs Form 2 (A stereolithography-based 3D printer)
  • Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 (An FDM-based 3D printer)
  • Makerbot Z18 & Mini (An FDM-based 3D printer)
  • Bq Witbox 2 (An FDM-based 3D printer)
  • Wasp Clay 40100 (A clay extrusion-based printer)

Otaniementie 14, Väre. Ground floor: Room K005

✉ Contact the responsible personnel


  • Ultimaker 3 (An FDM-based 3D printer)
  • Formlabs 1 & 2
  • Ultimaker 3 
  • Ultimaker 3 
FDM Space 21
  • 3D Systems Projet MJP 3600W (A multijet printing -MJP based wax 3D printer)
  • Liguid Crystal Magna resin 3D printer (An LCD SLA large format resin 3D printer)

School of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, AM2group, Puumiehenkuja 3

✉ Contact the responsible personnel

  • EOS M290 (3-D printer for metals)

School of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sähkömiehentie 4

Contact the responsible personnel

  • “CoCo” (ABS + HIPS, 265 x 265 x 300 mm)
  • “MehtaHeino” ( PLA , 270 x 160 x 200 mm)



PrintShop | Aalto Design Factory


TIP! Did you know that Aalto School of Arts, Design, and Architecture offers a 3D Print workshop for Aalto students and researchers? The workshop is equipped with low- to high-end machines and the latest software that are used as teaching tools and for research support in the fields of design, the arts, and architecture. Everything you need to know about 3D Print Workshop

Aalto Fablab

Aalto Fablab is brought to you by Aalto Studios and is a low-threashold environment for making this with digital fabrication tools. Staff are there to guide you to go from design to manufactured parts/artworks, but you still need to do the actual work yourself. Fablab is a great place to start because they have materials that can be purchased from the lab for very fair prices (thought they should also be used in the lab). While you can walk in from 10-16 there are courses and other things keeping the workshop busy, so try to send an e-mail before hand.

WWW Workshop / Category

Otakaari 7 7C, Otaniemi.

CNC Cutting

Vinyl cutter Roland GTX-24 

.svg, .dxf, .pdf, .ppt, .ai

Max cutting area: 584 mm x 25 m, piece or continuous roll. Single colour vinyl available in the workshop, also T-shirt/fabric material. Prepare your files in vector format (Illustrator, Inkscape, Powerpoint), the 'plotter' will cut outlines.

Laser cutter Epilog Fusion Pro 48 80W Laser Cutter

.svg, .dxf, .pdf, .ppt, .ai

Max cutting area: 1219 x 914 mm Z-depth 311 mm. Lasercut or engrave wood, plasict, coated metals or glass. No vinyl, ABS or volatile plastics. Vector for cutting (Illustrator, Inkscape, Powerpoint), Raster or bitmap for engraving.
3D Printer    
   Ultimaker 2+ Extended FDM printer, build volume 223 x 220 x 305 mm. Cura or PrusaSlicer can be downloaded for free to prepare your files.
  Ultimaker 2+ Connect (2 units)  FDM printer, build volume 223 x 220 x 205 mm
  Ultimaker 3 Extended  FDM printer, build volume 215 x 215 x 300 mm
  LulzBot Mini (4 units)  FDM printer,(use only in emergency)
  LulzBot TAZ (2 units)  FDM printer,(use only in emergency)
  Mehta Heino MHI3D A04  FDM printer,
  Formlabs Form 2  SLA Printer. Build area 145 × 145 × 175 mm, 25-100 microns. Formlabs PreForm slicing software can be downloaded for free.
  Formlabs Form 3  SLA Printer. Build area 145 × 145 × 185 mm, 25-300 microns. Formlabs PreForm slicing software can be downloaded for free.
CNC Machining    
  CNC milling machine Recontech 1312  1250 x 1200 x 400 mm, accuracy 0.05 mm, equipped with a vaccuum bed this machine is ideal for larger pieces. 2D cutting is easy with  Various drill bits available, but bring your own if you are doing something unique. 
  CNC precision milling machine Roland Modela MDX-40  CopperCAM, Modules (Fablab)
  CNC precision milling machine Roland monoFab SRM-20  CopperCAM, Modules (Fablab)
  Microscope With a digital camera attachment. 1000x.
  Soldering stations   
  Power supply  
  Electronic components  Growing library of components that fit the requirements of Fabacademy.
  Logic analyzer  
Vacuum forming    
  Vacuum former CR Clarke 750FLB Sheet size 508 x 458 mm, max thickness 6mm, Max height 152 mm
  Profile cutter CR Clarke 145 Max material thickness 3 mm
  Drills Basic hand drills and impact drivers
  Router Makita hand router
  Vacuum chamber for epoxy and silicone  
  Plastic bending with hot wire




Below you can find a list of materials that are usually available. Contact the workshop master to make sure there is enough stock for your project.

  • Plywood (single ply up to 6mm thick)
  • Acrylics sheets (up to 10mm thick)
  • MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard)
  • XPS foam 
  • Sikablock 
  • Maple, oak and walnut wood blocks 
  • Sticker vinyl 
  • Vinyl for heat transfer 
  • 2.5mm filament for FDM printers
  • (pricelist) Formlabs photopolymer resin for SLA printers
  • (pricelist) Polystyrene for vacuum forming for SLA printers
  • Leftovers 


Other things that might be helpful to your endevours

WWW Workshop / Category

Otakaari 7 7C, Otaniemi.

CNC Cutting

Vinyl cutter Roland GTX-24 

.svg, .dxf, .pdf, .ppt, .ai

Max cutting area: 584 mm x 25 m, piece or continuous roll. Single colour vinyl available in the workshop, also T-shirt/fabric material. Prepare your files in vector format (Illustrator, Inkscape, Powerpoint), the 'plotter' wi

If you have a tool, machine or device that would be useful for artistic or creative practices please fill in the survey below. 

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Jason Selvarajan

+358 50 5708552

[email protected]

Antti Laari +358 50 402 7053 [email protected]

This page is updated periodically. If some information is out of date, or you know of useful equipment that is not on the list, fill out the form above, or send us a message directly.

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