Google Drive File Stream: download (Windows ja Mac)

Google Drive File Stream is a desktop application that gives you easy access to files in Google Drive directly from a Windows or Mac workstation, without any need to synchronize the files between the workstation and the Google Drive service.

You can see the contents of your own Drive and the Team Drive from Resource Management on your workstation, in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Google Drive File Stream only works with a Google ID connected to an Aalto email address, or with an ID that has a G Suite licence. A download will succeed only if your device is connected to an Aalto network.

If you want to synchronize files on your Google account (not connected to Aalto email), you can use the Google Backup and Sync application. It works in the same way as the old Google Drive Sync application, i.e., it synchronizes selected directories in the background.


You can download the Google Drive File Stream on your own Aalto workstation from the self-service portal.

1. Open the Start menu, type in the search Software SelfServicePortal - Aalto IT, and click on the icon offered. If you are unable to find the icon, connect the workstation to Aalto’s wired network and restart the workstation.

2. A new window opens, and you are directed to download the program of your choice.

3. From the list, select Google Drive File Stream and click Add the application to the workstation.

4. The download will take a moment, after which you can use the application.  


The Google Drive File Stream application can be downloaded to an Aalto Mac from the Managed Software Center (a pre-installed application on the workstation).

If you need to remove directed applications from the workstation, send a request to IT Support: [email protected]

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