Cloud storage - OneDrive & Google Drive

OneDrive for Business and Google Drive offer a 5TB online storage space. These services also offer the possibility to share and modify files, for example directly from the browser.

How to start using OneDrive for Business?

  1. Install OneDrive if it has not been installed yet
  2. Open "my OneDrive for business" with browser and select sync: My OneDrive for Business

 Files will be synchronized here: C:\Users\username\OneDrive - Aalto-yliopisto

How to start using Google Drive?

  1. Activate Google Drive
  2. Log in to the service and follow these instructions:

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  • Storage space online
  • Enable to share and edit files simultaneously with others in real-time
OneDrive for Business Google Drive
  • 5 TB of storage space
  • 5 TB of storage space
  • Automatic storage of different versions enables users to restore older versions of documents
  • User can restore older versions of documents and deleted files if they have not been deleted from the trash
  • Sharing and simultaneous editing of Office-files on workstation or with an Office-application
  • For collaboration, the owner of files needs to add editing rights for another user
  • Offline file synchronization
  • Works with a browser without installation
Aalto recommends  

The OneDrive for Business service offered by Aalto has better terms of use and is thus a more suitable choice for storing and sharing files than services taken in use personally (OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox).

Note! Despite of its name, OneDrive for Business is not the same service as OneDrive intended for consumers.

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What information MAY and MAY NOT be stored in OneDrive for Business and Google Drive:

Basic guide to information classifications

Google Drive requires accepting EULA – End User Licence Agreement.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

This service is part of the Office 365 service provided by Microsoft. In case of any error, Microsoft is responsible for repairing the service.

In possible malfunctions of Google Drive the repair responsibility is at Google.

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