File storage space for research and groups (TeamWork)

Researchers, research groups and projects can use the specific TeamWork file service. This service can also be utilized for teaching. The TeamWork disk space can be used from workstations and servers, and it can be shared among several users. The disk space is visible in the same way as the computer’s own local disk. The disk space offered is adjusted to meet the needs of each group.

How to order TeamWork -storage space?

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  • The home and work directories are visible on all computers, but with the TeamWork service visibility can be limited to certain computers only if additional security is desired.
  • The TeamWork service is especially suitable for projects or groups with members from different departments or units, who are unable to view files in each other’s work directories
  • The disk space offered in the TeamWork service is adjusted to meet the needs of the group, and more space can be purchased if it fills up
  • This is a good alternative when research and/or teaching does not have enough storage capacity of its own for the required amount of data, or when it should be ascertained that the data is stored in a secure, fault-tolerant location


Upon ordering, the following items are adjusted to meet the needs of each group:

  • Volume of disk space
  • File protocols (the service supports the NFS and CIFS protocols, even simultaneously)
  • User IDs in use (Aalto IDs are recommended but not mandatory)
  • Determining and maintaining access rights to files (all users in the group have an access right, administrators are entitled to issue access rights even to users outside of the group) – administrators can include local IT support, Aalto IT or specifically designated responsible persons
  • Range of use (can be limited to a certain group, department or school on the basis of subnetworks)

This service can be used with the Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. The service can only be used from Aalto’s network or outside of it by using VPN (see Remote connection to Aalto’s network | VPN).

Snapshot backups are stored in the group’s own disk area and thus take up disk space from there. However, the disk space taken up by snapshots can be adjusted as necessary (see File backup ).

TeamWork is designed to provide plenty of disk capacity that does not involve high requirements for speed. Additional capacity purchased for the service when necessary can also include disk surface with better performance.


This service is not suited for systems requiring very high performance of storage systems, such as:

  • Databases that face a large number of transactions
  • Big data or computing solutions that make intensive disk operations

This service is limited by the policy governing the use of Aalto University’s information systems, as well as general guidelines and instructions.

TeamWork is primarily intended to be used from devices maintained by Aalto IT. Even other systems can be used upon separate agreement.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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This service is provided by:

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