Design system

Design system helps developers and designers to create user friendly, accessible and brand compliant digital services.

Aalto design system was published in the summer 2023. It is directed to anyone within the university who creates digital services or communications such as newsletters, portals or websites. The design system can help as a visual guideline or go deeper in the functional level with the code examples and design files and guidelines. The aim is to help as many people as possible, whether your need is to check the hex code of a brand colour or implement an entire website using the token and components from the design system.

The design system consist of the Figma design system library, tokens, components and modules made with React. Later HTML and CSS versions will be available as well. Everything in the design system is available for all aaltonians. We are continuously developing the design system, and will gladly hear your opinions or combine contributions to the design system. Get to know the system and other brand related material through the link below or visit the site directly at

We are here to help and want to hear feedback to improve for the future. Please also contact Anna, in case you got interested!

Design system

Design system section in the brand library

Visit the design system site
Screenshot of Aalto's design system's components page

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