File storage space for work and studies

Aalto University researchers, staff members and students are provided with network disk space as a storage location for their files. The files can be used by means of a directory that is automatically created when an Aalto University user ID is granted.

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  • Safe storage space for files that is backed up (see File backup)
  • Access only requires a log-in
  • The directories are not device-specific, so the files are available with a log-in for any Aalto device
  • Users can also access the files from their home computers by using VPN (see Remote connection to the Aalto network | VPN)


Personal storage space | home directory (

  • default size 100 GB
  • a storage location for personal material, such as work or studies; other people cannot view the files
  • only the owner has an access right to the directory and its contents, excluding exceptional cases listed in the restrictions to the service
  • The home directory and its contents are destroyed within certain period of time after the expiry of the access right

Group-specific storage space | work directory (

  • departments and organisational units have their own work directory that is shared between all the members of the group
  • the default size of the work directory is 2 TB
  • under the work directory, users can create user-specific files that utilise the group-specific storage space. Thus users can obtain a greater amount of storage space than in the personal home directory
  • it is easier to share information and files inside the department or organisational unit, because all members who belong to the group have the access right
  • one or several persons responsible are designated for the work director, who are entitled to grant access rights to the directory or subdirectories contained in it and to files to users outside of the group
  • the customer must contact the IT Servicedesk to obtain a work directory


This service is limited by the policy governing the use of Aalto University’s information systems, as well as instructions on the processing of information materials after the death of the holder of the access right to information systems.

The storage space is primarily intended to be used from devices maintained by Aalto IT. The file service is implemented by means of the NFS and CIFS protocols.

Access rights and related work directories are managed by the IAM group.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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