AllWell? study well-being questionnaire in February 2019

The study well-being questionnaire AllWell? is open for second year bachelor’s and first year master’s students from 6 to 20 February 2019. The students will be sent a link to the questionnaire by email. You can answer in English, Finnish or Swedish.

The well-being and study abilities of the students are important at Aalto University as a part of Aalto strategy 2016-2020. The goal is to enhance the success of students by advancing study support, teaching, learning services and focusing support on study capabilities.

The summaries of the results regarding each programme are delivered to the heads of programmes. Together with the course feedback, the results will be used for development of teaching. For a student, the personal feedback will give tips for personal development in following areas:

  • how to handle stress in a better way
  • how to improve study skills
  • how to stop procrastinating with difficult issues
  • how feelings affect study performance

Meet the people behind AllWell? questionnaire

Study well-being questionnaire AllWell? and the development of teaching at Aalto University

With the help of the annual study well-being questionnaire AllWell?, we gain research-based knowledge for planning actions for pedagogical development. The summaries of the results, regarding each programme/department, are delivered to the Programme heads and Deans.

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AllWell-tuloskuva esimerkki

Success of Students study well-being project

The goal of the initiative is to enhance the success of students by advancing study support, teaching and learning services and focusing support.

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Success of Students study well-being initiative (2016-2020). Image: Arttu Haglund
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