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The School of Chemical Engineering offers academic guidance to every student at the school.

Goals for academic advising

Each student should feel like an important member of university community. Through academic advising we communicate, that the school is interested in students and their studies, and support them in studies as well in career planning.

This objective is achieved through the goals set for academic advising:

  1. To help new students to get to know and feel connected with their new study environment, university community and degree programme, and to promote communication between students and academic staff.
  2. To monitor and support the smooth progress of students in their studies.
  3. To discuss with students about their personal study plan and to provide guidance and study motivation.
  4. To make students feel that others are interested in their studies and that there are a variety of different forms of support and guidance available to them.
  5. To provide support and guidance for career planning.
  6. To identify problems and challenges in good time and to intervene to help solve them.

At CHEM we care! 

The basic duties of an academic advisor include:

  • short meeting during the student’s first stage of studies, usually during the orientation week
  • personal meeting (October/November)
  • monitoring of autumn term studies (February/March)
  • personal meeting (March/April)
  • monitoring of spring term studies (June–September)

Instructions for academic advising

Practical arrangements for academic advising meetings

In the first year of studies, academic advising is a compulsory part of the following courses:

For the students under their care, academic advisors arrange at least two personal meetings during the first year of studies.

The academic advisor invites the student to the meetings, but it is also worth encouraging the student to request meetings when needed. It is good to remind the student about this in the first meeting and to let them know when you are available and how to get hold of you. If desired, the academic advisor can arrange meetings and activities with their whole group. 

Cue cards

Training for academic advisors

The School of Chemical Engineering holds trainings for academic advisors twice a year:

  • In October: a basic training which goes through the principles, goals and timetable for academic advising (training aimed primarily at new academic advisors)
  • In February: varying content, topics and themes of training are chosen based on the feedback and requests received from academic advisors


Academic advising
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