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This tutorial video, together with other ones to follow , will help you get to know the platform and its features.
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The first tutorial introduces the all new website structure. The content has now been organised into hubs.

Creating hubs is mentioned in this video, however, creating them is reserved for the project team and only created after careful consideration.

Content structure

The new digital communications platform will be simpler than before and contain the different platforms – Inside, Into, Saha, Research & Art, People and more – in the same environment. Users can access all Aalto information through hubs.

To improve the user experience, information is free from hierarchies. All content exists in the cloud and can be accessed through several ways. One way to access content is through the main navigational hubs on the site.

Navigation and Search

The hubs help you navigate around the site to find the information you are looking for. Each hub focuses on a specific topic and its user groups. The front page, for example, is a hub along with the six main topics at the top of the page. More information on the hubs will be available in our 4th tutorial video How to build hubs?

The new search tool guides you quickly to the information you are after. All information is targeted to certain audiences, that can be either internal or both internal and external ones. The search tool is further improved as new technologies come up.

Responsive and user-centred design

From the usability perspective, the new site was designed with mobile-first in mind. All pages, tools and components were then adapted to desktop. Thinking mobile-first is important when creating content. Many users visit the site by using small devices, so the content needs to be provided in a concise enough way.

We would appreciate your feedback for further developing the new site. You can send feedback by clicking on the Feedback button on the right-hand side of the screen.

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