Aalto University Shop

Aalto University Shop

Located in the A Bloc shopping center and opened in fall 2018, Aalto University Shop brings together a selection of Aalto ARTS Books publications, student and alumni works and sustainably-minded Aalto University products such as hoodies, beanies and notebooks. We also serve you online.

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Student work

In the store you can find unique products and artwork by the talented Aalto University students and alumni. Our selection includes ceramics, glassware, posters, jewelry and accessories. Currently the store is representing works by more than 30 students and alumni, and the number is growing. All Aalto University students are welcome to submit their work proposals to the store.

Aalto ARTS Booksin kirjoja

Aalto ARTS Books

In our store you can find the latest dissertations from the field of art, design and architecture. The whole Aalto ARTS Books selection is available online. You can also pick up the online orders at the store.

Aalto University Shop

Aalto University products

We offer a great selection of popular Aalto University clothes, stationary and accessories. So whether you’re celebrating your studies or graduation, looking for a gift for someone or just want some of the cool gear, we got you covered!


Aalto University Shop



Aalto University Shop

Otaniementie 12

02150 Espoo


Inquiries: [email protected], +358 50 472 6600

Product submissions and product selection: Anni Kääriä, [email protected] 

Aalto ARTS Books: Suvi-Kukka Salonen, [email protected]

Other retail matters: Daniel Abild, [email protected] 

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