A! Peda Intro (5 cr)

The A! Peda Intro course is designed to introduce you to the principles and methods of university pedagogy. The aim of this course is to offer new ideas and tools to help you to develop your teaching.
Please note that this course substitutes the previous O3 course (offered at TKK), so you cannot include both of these courses into a training programme.
Three Aalto University students lean over a table looking at a laptop screen.
A! Peda

Themes of the course include:

  • Teaching culture at Aalto University
  • Approaches to learning
  • Planning and training for a teaching session
  • Developing your own teaching 
  • Working in a multidisciplinary group

Teaching and learning methods on this course include introductions to new topics, group work, experimentation through practice, demonstrations and peer feedback. Participants are encouraged and expected to have an active role in the learning process.

Learning outcomes:

After the course, participants:

  • Recognise issues that may have an impact on learning experience.
  • Recognise stages of designing teaching.  
  • Have expanded their network among teachers in Aalto University and gained experience of working in a multidisciplinary teacher group.
  • Can recognise their strengths as a teacher.
  • Apprehend their role as a teacher in the students’ learning process.

Who can participate?

You can register for this course if you are employed by Aalto and you teach at the university. This course is suitable for those with no previous pedagogical training. It is important that you are interested in teaching and learning. It is compulsory to attend all the teaching sessions on this course, so make sure you have time on the assigned dates. Independent work between the sessions is also required for the successful completion of the course. 

Persons accepted to the Aalto Tenure or Lecture Track are prioritized. Post doctoral researchers and postgraduate students with teaching responsibilities are welcomed to apply. Applicants with teaching duties are prioritized, so please fill in the enrollment form carefully.

Otherwise, the first 20 people who register for this course, will be accepted to participate.

When you sign up for this course, please double-check that you are able attend all contact teaching days. We will let you know by email, whether or not you have been accepted to this course.


Please find Events of upcoming courses and registration on our main page.


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