The research at our school focuses on advanced energy solutions, condensed matter and materials physics; creation and transformation of technology based business; data science and artificial intelligence; health technology; neuroscience; and software engineering. Get to know more information about us below, including information on joining us to research and study.

Meet our researchers

Riitta Salmelin

New Aalto Distinguished Professor Riitta Salmelin traces the brain’s own ‘fingerprint’

Riitta Salmelin believes that her field of brain imaging has matured to a stage where questions ignored in the early days can now be addressed

Assistant Professor Matilda Backholm looks at shrimp via a screen connected to a microscope.

Tiny organisms, big discoveries: How swarming shrimp could influence a new wave of ‘mesorobotics’

Aalto researcher aims to understand the complex movement of brine shrimp—a gateway to physics on an unfamiliar scale

Lassi Haaranen in the office, leaning at desk

Lassi Haaranen appointed as Vice Head of Diversity at the Department of Computer Science

‘These issues are crucial for the wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff,’ says Lassi Haaranen


Latest news

People attending the Wellbeing Fair at Aalto's Wellbeing Week
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Oasis at the Aalto Wellbeing Week

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing project participates in the Wellbeing Week
Professor Mika Sillanpää
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Mika A. Sillanpää: ‘Having a couple of little black holes in the lab would be tremendously helpful’

From sidestepping the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to demonstrating quantum gravity, Aalto Professor has a habit of advancing boundaries in quantum physics
A-logo. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen
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Nature Research Read & Publish agreement: open access article quota has run out

Additional open access funding for the rest of 2023 will be available.
Pikaraitiovaunu Otaniemen pysäkillä
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Light rail line 15 will start operating on 21st of October.

Light rail line 15 will start operating between Itäkeskus in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo on Saturday 21 October.

What's on?

Upcoming events at the school

Weekly data management zoom support hour
For Aalto community Support for teams, Training to support research

Aalto Data Agents weekly zoom support hour

A weekly zoom room to come and ask us anything about research data and open science: data management, data storage, data analysis, data sharing, reproducibility, responsible conduct of research, data privacy, ethics.
An event banner with the event title "What Happens in the Minds of Designers as They Design"
Lectures and seminars

Visiting lecture by John Gero: "What happens in the minds of designers as they design"

What happens in your brain and mind when you design? John Gero delves into how designers' brains work during the creative process, using insights from cognitive science, AI, and brain research.
Futuristic image of a woman.
Lectures and seminars

The Future of AI-Human Relationships

Participate in a dialogue with the Unite! university alliance researchers about the future of AI-Human Relationships.
Bassam el Baroni, Jouko Lampinen and Emmi Pouta at U-Create seminar. Photo: Alisa Javits
For Aalto community Networking

Meet the Dean of the School of Science

Come and meet the Dean Jouko Lampinen online.

Student stories

Master's student Anna Huttunen: ‘Listening to others can help you listen to yourself’

Anna Huttunen, a multi-year student tutor and current wellbeing ambassador, shares her thoughts on student wellbeing and how it could be improved.

Anna Huttunen

Emil Stråka: It’s interesting to see physicists and chemists complement each other’s expertise

'It’s interesting to see how physicists and chemists can be looking at the same system, and yet arrive at very different conclusions, questions, and results. In LIBER Center of Excellence, you can see the expertise from different disciplines.'

Emil Stråka, photo by Linda Lehtovirta.

Leila Arstila: As a recent graduate, I have a whole world ahead of me

'We could learn to listen to ourselves and be kinder to ourselves. After burning out, it's really hard to climb back up. It would be easier to stop before the fall.'

Leila Arstila, photo by Linda Lehtovirta

Advanced Energy Technologies student Ilja Stanovohh: My future profession probably does not exist yet

It was his interest in nuclear physics that led Ilja Stanovohh to choose the Advanced Energy Technologies major.

Ilja Stanovohh
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