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Contact information of the Dean's office and services at the School of Science

The Dean's Office

 Jouko Lampinen

Jouko Lampinen

Dean of the School of Science

Ari Koskelainen

Vice-Dean Education

Peter Liljeroth

Vice-Dean Research

Minna Darwish


School of Science Communications

If you are external to Aalto University and would like to contact one of our experts, please message one of us and we will put you in touch with an appropriate researcher.

If you are a researcher at Aalto and you would like help with Science communications planning and content, Press releases and research news for domestic and international media, Media relations, Social media or Marketing for events – we are happy to help. Communications services page

School of Science Learning Services

 Eija Kujanpää

Eija Kujanpää

Manager, International Relations

School of Science Learning Services provides services for students, teachers, and programme directors at School of Science. More contact information available at Learning services Team page

If you are applying to study at Aalto, please contact Admissions Services instead.

School of Science Financial Services

Ilkka Leppänen

School Head of Finance

Financial Services offers professional financial services to meet the needs of the different units and the academic community.

HR manager Katja Vuorialho coordinates and supervises the HR actions at the school. Human resource at Aalto SCI coordinates employment issues, such as recruitment, contracts, new employee orientation, supervisor support and international assignments. The main part of these activities is operated at the departments by the department HR coordinators.

For more information, including contact details for HR Coordinators at deparment level, please click here.

School of Science Research and Innovation Services

Mirkka Jones

Grant Writer (CS, NBE, MS, DIEM)

Petri Kanninen

Senior Research Liaison Officer (CS, DIEM, MS)

Outi Oila

Senior Research Liaison Officer (NBE, PHYS)

Piiu Valtanen

Legal Counsel (PHYS, MS)

Juha Siivola

Innovation Advisor (CS)

Ilkka Hyytiäinen

Innovation Advisor (PHYS, MS, DIEM)

Eveliina Juuma

Grant Advisor (PHYS, MS, NBE)

Patrik Hollós

Innovation Advisor (NBE)
 Katri Seitsonen

Katri Seitsonen

Information Specialist (all departments)

Anniina Harju

Legal Counsel (CS, NBE, DIEM)

David Fewer

Grant Writer (PHYS)

Research and Innovation Services serve researchers and departments during the entire lifecycle of research projects. We also provide support in research-related policies and procedures, multidisciplinary collaboration, open science and research ethics.

Department of Applied Physics

Janne Halme

Vice Head of Department (teaching)
 Jaakko Timonen

Jaakko Timonen

Vice Head of Department (infrastructure and services)
 Sebastiaan van Dijken

Sebastiaan van Dijken

Vice Head of Department (research)

Department of Computer Science

 Petri Vuorimaa

Petri Vuorimaa

Vice Head of Department (teaching)

Casper Lassenius

Vice Head of Department (research)
 Lassi Haaranen

Lassi Haaranen

Vice Head of Diversity

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Jari Ylitalo

Vice Head of Department (education)

Markku Maula

Vice Head of Department (research)

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

 Fabricio Oliviera

Fabricio Oliviera

Vice Head of Department (research)

Pauliina Ilmonen

Vice Head of Department (education)

Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

Matti Hämäläinen

Head of Department

Matti Stenroos

Vice Head of Department (teaching)
 Lauri Parkkonen

Lauri Parkkonen

Vice Head of Department (research)

Service organization chart

Our Service organization chart helps you find out who to contact. The Sharepoint link can be viewed by Aalto users only.

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