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Wastewater treatment technologies Aalto Donation Professorship 2018 – 2023

The group focuses on sustainable wastewater treatment. Valuable resources must be reused in a safe way while committing to climate change mitigation.
A chart about municipal wastewater resources

Danielle Bansfield

Research themes

Our research themes are nutrient recovery, removal of micropollutants and energy and GHG optimization – all this in wastewater treatment and especially in cold climate conditions.  

Nutrient recovery from wastewater

The role of wastewater treatment is moving from removal of substances towards recycling of resources.

Nutrient recovery and removal system

Solution-based micropollutant removal

The load of different pollutants to the Baltic Sea is a problem we need to solve.

Micropollutants research system in water laboratory

Wastewater treatment plant into carbon sink

Wastewater treatment plants are among the big energy consumers in our societies and they have a significant carbon footprint.

Carbon sink

Processes at cold temperature

In Finland and in the Baltic Sea region wastewaters and natural waters are relatively cold during the major part of the year. This affects treatment processes.

Wastewater plant in snowy winter time

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