Lobna Amin

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T213 Built Environment
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  • Water and Environmental Eng., Doctoral Researcher


Tracking the formation potential of vivianite within the treatment train of full-scale wastewater treatment plants

Lobna Amin, Raed A. Al-Juboori, Fredrik Lindroos, Mansour Bounouba, Kati Blomberg, Melissa Lopez Viveros, Marina Graan, Sam Azimi, Johan Lindén, Anna Mikola, Mathieu Spérandio 2024

Viral outbreaks detection and surveillance using wastewater-based epidemiology, viral air sampling, and machine learning techniques : A comprehensive review and outlook

Omar M. Abdeldayem, Areeg M. Dabbish, Mahmoud M. Habashy, Mohamed K. Mostafa, Mohamed Elhefnawy, Lobna Amin, Eslam G. Al-Sakkari, Ahmed Ragab, Eldon R. Rene 2022

Expanding the activated sludge model no.1 to describe filamentous bulking : The filamentous model

Lobna Amin, Peter van der Steen, Carlos M. López-Vázquez 2022

New alginate-based interpenetrating polymer networks for water treatment: A response surface methodology based optimization study

Eslam G. Al-Sakkari, Omar M. Abdeldayem, Eslam E. Genina, Lobna Amin, Nouran T. Bahgat, Eldon R. Rene, Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny 2020