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Our work at the School of Engineering is inspired by the needs of society. We come to learn these needs by engaging in dialogue and collaboration with different stakeholders, businesses as well as the public sector.
AIIC Smart Crane donation ceremony 2017

To support our aim of driving societal renewal, strengthening competitiveness and enhancing cultural life, we communicate and work with the society around us. We value all opportunities to hold dialogues with stakeholders, businesses and the public sector. The impact of our work is increased through cooperation agreements with Capital Region municipalities and key industrial partners.  

At the School of Engineering, we aim to shape the education we offer by monitoring and discussing the needs of the private and public sectors. We offer dynamic collaboration to companies, authorities, municipalities and communities.


  • Partnering with research projects of the School of Engineering
  • Student projects for companies
  • Communication about open positions to students


Heikki Lahtinen

Heikki Lahtinen

Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Engineering
Networking at Aalto

Aalto Networking Platform

The Aalto Networking Platform brings together research expertise across departments, supporting collaboration both inside and outside of Aalto.

Emmanuel Macron visits Aalto University


Aalto University offers numerous opportunities for collaboration and networking. How would you like to collaborate with us?

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