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Premium Partner - Konecranes

As our Premium Partner Konecranes has learned a lot about itself.
A woman is facing the camera and she is standing behind two people, whose backs are only showing. The woman looks like she is talking. Red pictures and Konecranes logo in the background wall.
Konecranes at Aalto Talent Expo 2021. Photographer Sara Vertanen.

Konecranes is the world's leading manufacturer of lifting equipment, and the company's customers include engineering and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. In 2020, the group's turnover was 3.2 billion euros and it had approximately 16,900 employees in 50 countries. Konecranes has been the Premium Partner of the Aalto University School of Business since 2019. Read more about Konecranes at 

Business knowledge is needed in technology companies just like in other companies. Konecranes has already cooperated with the School of Business long before the actual partnership began. Another important cooperation entity for Konecranes at Aalto University is the School of Engineering, where cooperation takes place in both research and teaching. News related to this collaboration has also been collected at the end of the page. 

Regarding Konecranes' recruitment needs, both data analytics and business development fit well with the areas of competence of graduates from the School of Business, but of course, business knowledge is valued and needed in other areas as well. Konecranes has also participated in the Aalto International Talent program, which integrates our international students into Finnish working life. 

Capstone courses and other project courses bring to Konecranes a valuable perspective of young experts on various business challenges. We get deeper with the help of customized business projects, where the student group has time to focus on the given challenge. Our partnership began with a customized student business project, where students investigated the current state of Konecranes' personnel diversity and made action recommendations to improve the state. The project was included as an example in a video series where educational cooperation with companies is presented from many different angles. Timo Leskinen (the company's human resources director at the time) who supervised the project from Konecranes' side, characterized the cooperation "The cooperation with the university gives us a lot. It gives us new fresh ideas that are coming with the students. It gives us the young courage that they are able to challenge us with our thinking". Most recently, the students focused on the challenges of recruiting professionals - where to get new service technicians, how to ensure competence in the future? 

For students

Learn more about Konecranes as an employer through their JobTeaser company profile (for Aalto users)

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Jobs in Aalto JobTeaser portal from Konecranes

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More articles about our collaboration:


Student project gave insight to Konecranes about young employee experience

The students found out that young employees have high preferences for continuous learning and development opportunities at work

Welcome Evening uusille maisteriopiskelijoille. Kuva: Roope Kiviranta

New master’s students gathered to network at the Welcome Evening event

The alumni provided valuable tips for studies and finding employment

Reetta Strengell

'Mentoring is inspiring and fun' - Aalto International Talent Program offers a meaningful way to support international students

This year the group mentoring initiative brought together over 180 international students and 17 companies.

Nainen ja mies huoltavat Konecranesin nosturia. Lähde: Konecranesin kuvapankki

School of Business students took on the recruitment challenges at Konecranes

‘Project results will be used to build, sharpen, and target our ongoing and future recruitment campaigns for technicians’

Diplomin saaneet opiskelijat ja Konecranesin Ari Bertula.

Product design course focusing on the challenges of the crane industry – corporate cooperation bearing fruit

Aalto University students look for solutions to challenges faced by Konecranes.

Konecranesin Hämeenlinnan tehdashalli

Konecranes became Premium Partner of School of Business

Cooperation was started with a student team taking a look into the current employee diversity situation at Konecranes.

Aalto University – Aalto Industrial Internet Campus

Konecranes assignment inspired students to build smart prototypes

Students designed an assistive tool for the Konecranes' overhead crane.


Partnership Programme for long-term collaboration

Aalto University’s School of Business has its own Partnership Programme to build and maintain close, long-term relations with companies. The programme is the only one of its kind in Finnish universities, and also connects the partners with the other Schools and fields at Aalto University.

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Partnership Program

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Annemari Rautio

Annemari Rautio

Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Business

Ways to cooperate

From below you will find some ways to collaborate with Aalto University School of Business.  

Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Customized Student Business Projects

Contact us when you need bright minds to analyse and solve your challenges. We will tailor a student project according to your needs.

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Build your Employer Brand at the School of Business

We offer marketing and event visibility services to employers at the School of Business

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Project work course gala

Study Projects

In study projects, students solve real-life cases together with companies and other organisations.

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