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Learning outcomes in doctoral education

Graduated doctors have the capability to work in a multidisciplinary and international environment together with various actors. They have the capability to lead things and / or people.
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They have the ability to search and apply knowledge and the ability to use scientific research methods and to create new scientific knowledge. In the field of arts, they may also have the ability to independently create methods or products or performances that meet high artistic standards. 

They are able to publish scientific results in reviewed publications and disseminate the results on scientific forum.

They are able to make such syntheses and critical assessments that are required to solve complex problems in research and innovation and in other areas of society. They have versatile written and oral communication skills and are able to work and communicate information in several languages. They work responsibly with respect to ethical and sustainable considerations and their work in the scientific community follows responsible conduct of research. 

Doctoral programmes

Our six doctoral programmes offer high quality doctoral education within a multidisciplinary international research community. They prepare doctoral students for demanding academic careers and experts positions, and for working as entrepreneurs or independent artists.

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