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ERC Synergy Grant funding

The European Research Council (ERC) funding is awarded to leading researchers for pioneering work at the frontiers of science. The ERC Synergy grant is a grant scheme that supports small teams of scientists who wish to jointly address ambitious research problems.
Risto Ilmoniemi / Aalto University / Anni Hanén

Risto Ilmoniemi

Project: Connecting to the Networks of the Human Brain (ConnectToBrain)
Duration: 2019-2026

The ConnectToBrain project seeks to radically improve the techniques for brain stimulation in current clinical use. The new methods are based on rapid, algorithm-controlled magnetic stimulation pulses that excite neurons and forge connections across brain regions. The research will explore new therapies for a wide range of neurological conditions—from depression to Parkinson’s disease. The methods for brain stimulation therapy to be developed in theproject are expected to save up to a billion euros annually in Europe with considerable cuts to both cost of care and duration of sick leaves.

Personal profile Risto Ilmoniemi

News: ERC Synergy Grant worth €10M will help develop new techniques for brain research, disease diagnostics, and patient care

Aalto University Senior Lecturer Sorin Paraoanu stands at the Low Temperature Lab in the Nanotalo building.

Sorin Paraoanu

Project: Quantum Technologies for Axion Dark Matter Search
Duration: 2024-2030

Physicists have long theorized about the composition of dark matter and among competing hypotheses, one particle has emerged as a promising candidate: the axion. The aim of this project is to find evidence for the existence of axions. Paraoanu and his research group are primarily responsible for building and tuning the high-frequency sensor, as well as writing the algorithms and software to use it. This sensor, called a haloscope, will probe the depths of the galactic halo in search of axions. The coordinator of this 6-year project is University of Zaragoza.

Personal profile Sorin Paraoanu

News: Physicists embark on six-year hunt for dark matter particle

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