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ERC Synergy Grant funding

The European Research Council (ERC) funding is awarded to leading researchers for pioneering work at the frontiers of science. The ERC Synergy grant is a grant scheme that supports small teams of scientists who wish to jointly address ambitious research problems.
Risto Ilmoniemi / Aalto University / Anni Hanén

Risto Ilmoniemi

Project: Connecting to the Networks of the Human Brain (ConnectToBrain) €10M
Duration: 2018-

The ConnectToBrain project seeks to radically improve the techniques for brain stimulation in current clinical use. The new methods are based on rapid, algorithm-controlled magnetic stimulation pulses that excite neurons and forge connections across brain regions. The research will explore new therapies for a wide range of neurological conditions—from depression to Parkinson’s disease. The methods for brain stimulation therapy to be developed in theproject are expected to save up to a billion euros annually in Europe with considerable cuts to both cost of care and duration of sick leaves.

Personal profile Risto Ilmoniemi

News: ERC Synergy Grant worth €10M will help develop new techniques for brain research, disease diagnostics, and patient care

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