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Finansiering via Synergy Grant från ERC

Finansiering från Europeiska forskningsrådet (ERC) beviljas framstående forskare för banbrytande arbete inom vetenskapen. ERC Synergy Grant är riktad till små grupper, bestående av mycket framstående forskare, som vill samarbeta kring ett gemensamt forskningsprojekt.
Risto Ilmoniemi / Aalto University / Anni Hanén

Risto Ilmoniemi

Project: Connecting to the Networks of the Human Brain (ConnectToBrain) €10M
Duration: 2018-

The ConnectToBrain project seeks to radically improve the techniques for brain stimulation in current clinical use. The new methods are based on rapid, algorithm-controlled magnetic stimulation pulses that excite neurons and forge connections across brain regions. The research will explore new therapies for a wide range of neurological conditions—from depression to Parkinson’s disease. The methods for brain stimulation therapy to be developed in the project are expected to save up to a billion euros annually in Europe with considerable cuts to both cost of care and duration of sick leaves.

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News: ERC Synergy Grant worth €10M will help develop new techniques for brain research, disease diagnostics, and patient care

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