Radical creativity is bold renewal that fundamentally changes how people, organisations, and societies operate.

In order to build a brighter future, we need the ability to experiment, use our imagination, anticipate, be surprised, learn from failures, and make ethically justified decisions.

In the beginning, a radically creative alternative often feels impossible and even ridiculous. The willingness to take risks, be open-minded, humble, and curious, helps us move forward. 

Students participating a science workshop

What does our radical creativity community do?

Aalto University is developing its culture, practices, and structures to create optimal conditions for radical creativity. We invite everyone to join our creative community. 

On this website, you will find examples, learning materials, and events related to radical creativity.

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What is radical creativity?

We challenge everyone to think about what kind of creativity the world needs right now. An excellent introduction to creativity is the recent documentary film on Radical Creatives, directed by Emilia Hernesniemi.

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A deep dive into radical creativity

Aalto University has produced a film to highlight its creative culture.

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Radical Creativity

Dive into the ambiguous concept of radical creativity! Explore its many levels to find out what it means to you in the context of your personal identity, in relation to others, and within complex societal challenges.

Aalto University Summer School
In the film Radical Creatives, creativity is found by diving below the surface. Photo: Hayley Lê

Making creativity happen: new documentary shows how to foster a creative mindset

Companies and organisations can arrange screenings to encourage creativity and experimentation

Radical Creatives herokuva

The home page of the Radical Creatives film (external link)

Director Emilia Hernesniemi's document explores the connection between self-confidence and creativity. Discover the cast and creators, or organise a film screening for your team.

Tuomas Auvinen Photo: Mikko Raskinen

Can creativity be measured, managed and thus grow a business? Researchers join forces with Finnish companies

The Creative Leap research project, funded by Business Finland, aims to make creativity visible in business.

Radical creativity and its axis: Outcome - process, individual – collective and intentional - serendipitous.

How is radical creativity understood at Aalto?

A study will explore how an ambiguously and ambitiously defined strategic focus affects organisational norms, identity and ways of working. Read the interview report or assign a workshop with your unit.


Views on radical creativity

Vihreään asuun pukeutunut Riikka Mäkikoskela istumassa keltaisella tuolilla sivuttain, nojaten käsivarrellaan tuolin selkänojaan. Taustalla on vaalea seinä, jossa on sinisiä, oransseja ja vihreitä aaltoilevia viivoja.

Openings: Creativity helps us navigate the invisible

Riikka Mäkikoskela’s leading article in Aalto University Magazine describes the combination of rational reasoning, emotional intelligence and radical creativity as an invisible tool in order to birth something new.

Jani Romanoff ja Maria Joutsenvirta seisovat hymyillen ja rinnakkain pienen välimatkan päässä toisistaan valkoisen seinän edessä. Kuvan yläosassa näkyy kuparipintainen portaikko. Joutsenvirta näyttää heiluttavan oikeaa kättään, josta lähtee kuvanmuokkauksella luotu sähkövirtaa muistuttava vaaleansininen viiva kiertäen yläkautta kohti Jani Romanoffin päätä. Kuva: Jaakko Kahilaniemi.

Dialogue: Let’s make resilience a community resource – not an individual obligation

Is there any skill more important in today’s work world than the ability to cope during challenging times and bounce back quickly?

Tuomas Auvinen

Tuomas Auvinen: Radical creativity as culture

Creativity is experimenting, and therefore a valuable skill for us all to master in a constantly changing and complex world. Radical creativity does not appear overnight, but we can build capabilities for it, says Dean Tuomas Auvinen.

Five students building an installation in a rough project space.

Space 21 - a project space for experimentation!

Space 21, a project space for the use of all Aalto community, opened its doors in spring 2022

A colourful object from the Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibition.

Strategic management of radical creativity at Aalto University

Read more

A human diving under water. Photo: Hayley Le

Examples of radical creativity

Radical creativity fundamentally transforms mindsets and ways of operating

Radical Creativity
A playful mathematics professor Pauliina Ilmonen standing in front of students

Learn radical creativity

Radical creativity is continuous learning: experiments, imagination, and agency.

Radical Creativity
Robin Gustafsson, Marcus Schmidt, Einar Amir and Ashish Mohite at the LaserTalks discussion.jpg

Community of radical creativity

Join our network by participating in our events or by visiting the living room of radical creativity, Space 21.

Radical Creativity
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