Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions

Curriculum 2020–2022

Overall programme information

Programme common courses 16 cr

Major studies 50 cr

The major-specific studies comprise 50 credits and are divided into common courses (15–25 cr) and advanced studies (25–35 cr). The exact amount of required common courses and advanced studies is defined separately for each major in the sections below.

Industrial Energy Processes and Sustainability

Code: CHEM3044
Teacher in charge: Pekka Oinas

Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Built Environment

Code: ENG3068
Teacher in charge: Risto Kosonen

Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes

Code: ENG3069
Teacher in charge: Ville Vuorinen

Sustainable Energy Systems and Markets

Code: ELEC3048
Teacher in charge: Matti Lehtonen

Elective studies 24 cr 

Master’s thesis 30 cr 


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