Bachelor's Programme in Design


BA thesis presentations and deadlines in 2024

  Deadline for submitting
manuscript for pre-approval
Presentation date
1st deadline and presentation 19 April 2024 5 June 2024
2nd deadline and presentation 7 June 2024 29 August 2024
3rd deadline and presentation 18 October 2024 10 December 2024

You can find detailed information about the thesis process in the MyCourses page for Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar. Below you can find the general instructions for writing and submitting your BA thesis.

Completing your bachelor's thesis

Before starting to write your thesis, read the Bachelor's Thesis Guidelines for students and familiarize yourself with copyright issues.

Technical support:

  • IT Servicedesk ([email protected]) is responsible for all PDF/A-conversion related issues
  • eAGE-helpdesk ([email protected]) helps if something went wrong with your eAge-submission
  • Aaltodoc-help ([email protected]) helps if something needs to be added or corrected in your thesis that is already in Aaltodoc

After submitting and presenting your thesis, see the Graduation page for instructions on graduating.

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