Bachelor's Programme in Business


Writing your bachelor's thesis

To earn your Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree, you are required to write a bachelor’s thesis in accordance with the instructions given by your major. The associated bachelor’s thesis seminar will help you in the writing process, as will your designated thesis advisor. Please note that you must be enrolled as an attending student for the right to study which relates to the bachelor’s thesis you are writing.

How to write and submit my bachelor’s thesis?

  1. Read more about the thesis seminar of your major on Sisu.
    • You will find the seminar in your personal study plan or on the programme pages under Curriculum.
  2. Register for the bachelor’s thesis seminar on Sisu.
  3. Take part in the seminar work and write your bachelor’s thesis.
  4. Write your maturity essay (instructions further down on this page).
  5. Format the thesis file for submission.
    • Submit your thesis as a single PDF/A file containing the cover page and thesis abstract. See below for details on preparing the file.
    • Practice saving the thesis in the correct format before the deadline date, because if you encounter any problems, you will not have time to fix them on the day your thesis is due.
  6. Submit your bachelor’s thesis and maturity essay for evaluation to MyCourses and your thesis to eAge for archiving.

How do I submit my bachelor’s thesis and maturity essay for evaluation?

For the schedule for thesis evaluation, see the page Graduation. You can submit your thesis and maturity essay for evaluation even before you have completed all your studies.

  1. Register for the thesis submission workspace of your department on MyCourses. 
  2. Submit your bachelor’s thesis and maturity essay as instructed in the MyCourses workspace.
    • You must keep track of the progress of your maturity essay evaluation: your thesis advisor will evaluate the contents, while a language teacher will evaluate your skills in your language of primary and secondary education. For details on keeping track of the evaluation process, see the thesis submission workspace of your department.
    • If you need to make corrections to your maturity essay, make them as instructed in the feedback given.
    • If you write your maturity essay in Swedish (language of education Swedish) inform about that to your supervisor and your major's planning officer so it will be sent for language check.
  3. Submit your bachelor’s thesis to eAge for archiving. Click here to go to eAge.
  4. Follow your Aalto email as we will use it to contact you if we need additional information.
    • Remember to check your spam folder, because sometimes eAge messages end up there.

If the thesis and maturity essay are the last study attainments you need to complete to graduate, you can then request for graduation as a Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), see more information on the page Graduation. Instructions for requesting graduation are here.

Maturity essay

You must write what is called a ‘maturity essay’ as part of your thesis process. The maturity essay is obligatory for a bachelor’s degree and for a master’s degree. The purpose of maturity essay is:

  1. to demonstrate conversance with the subject area of your thesis, and
  2. to demonstrate, if necessary, your proficiency in the language of your primary and secondary education.

You only need to demonstrate your language proficiency once: in connection with the first maturity essay you complete.

The maturity essay at the bachelor’s level

For your maturity essay at the bachelor’s level, you will write an executive summary or a media advisory. You can choose whichever one you want.

Instructions for writing a maturity essay

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