Ossi Naukkarinen

Ossi Naukkarinen

Vice President
Research and Innovation Services

Ossi Naukkarinen specializes in questions of everyday aesthetics, environmental aesthetics and the nature of aesthetics as an academic discipline. He has also written about visual arts, artification and aesthetic footprints, and is currently interested in the possibilities offered by digital humanities. Naukkarinen has published widely in English and Finnish, and his works have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Slovenian.

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Aesthetics as Space

Ossi Naukkarinen 2020

L'estetica al tempo delle digital humanities

Ossi Naukkarinen, Johanna Bragge 2020 Prospettive di un'estetica del quotidiano

Prospettive du un'estetica del quotidiano

Ossi Naukkarinen, Gioia Laura Iannillli 2020

Feeling (with) machines

Ossi Naukkarinen 2019 Paths from the philosophy of art to everyday aesthetics

Aesthetics in Digital Worlds

Ossi Naukkarinen, Darius Pacauskas 2018 Contemporary Aesthetics

Aesthetics in Two Digital Worlds

Ossi Naukkarinen, Darius Pacauskas 2018

Estetiikan avaruus

Ossi Naukkarinen 2018

From margins to spotlight

Ossi Naukkarinen, Darius Pacauskas 2018 International Association of Aesthetics Interim Conference 2018

Finnish Aesthetics in Academic Databases

Darius Pacauskas, Ossi Naukkarinen 2018

Creating and Experiencing the Everyday Through Daily-life

Ossi Naukkarinen, Raine Vasquez 2017 Experiencing the Everyday