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Selection criteria and terms of exchange

About application criteria, terms and selection criteria for exchange.

Student exchange policy

The main content of this page concerns the application and selection process for student exchanges, the studies to be carried out in the exchange, the recognition of exchange studies as part of a degree and the student exchange grants awarded by Aalto University.

Below you will find a general summary of the terms and principles. Please check all possible details for the principles of Aalto University's international student exchange pdf-file. The file can be found from the bottom of the page in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Please read the sections below carefully so that you will know how you will be eligible for exchange and what will be required of you when applying for exchange.

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Student guide illustration, exchange studies

Exchange application periods and instructions

Instructions for applying for exchange.

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Student guide illustration, exchange studies

Funding for exchange studies

Information about exchange scholarships.

Other studies
Exchange studies

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